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Best quality-price air conditioners: which one to buy and six recommended models from just over 200 euros

The fan has fallen short in many homes to combat the heat of this infernal summer that promises to be cooler than those to come. If until now they were only “essential” in some locations in the state, now buying an air conditioner has become a “first need” item to cope with these warm days and nights in which the mercury does not drop below 20 degrees. In this air conditioner buying guide We help you choose based on your needs and we offer you some models that stand out for their good value for money.

Best portable air conditioners: which one to buy and nine recommended penguins

How to choose a good air conditioner

There are essentially three types of air conditioners: split type, ducted and portable, each with its advantages and disadvantages. For efficiency, speed, options and installation method (keep in mind that ducted air conditioning requires prior planning when building the house or a major renovation throughout the house) the most used are split-type air conditionersthe format we will focus on in this article.

Split-type air conditioners consist of at least two units: an exterior one where the compressor and condenser are integrated and an interior one, which will be the one that you will place in the room you want to air-condition. While the outer one is bulkier and noisier, the inner one is more compact and discreet. That you need air conditioning in more rooms? Then look for multi-split models with more indoor units.

Keep in mind that the installation of a split-type air conditioner requires a qualified installation, so in the investment you have to take into account both the purchase of the device and the assembly. Fortunately, it is relatively common for specialized stores to offer both the appliance and the installation. An important point if the bull has caught you and you are in the middle of a heat wave is that the appointment with the technician is not immediate, but you have to wait a few days or even weeks.

When choosing a good split type air conditioner consider:

  • Compression system: better inverter. It determines such important aspects as performance and efficiency. While the most affordable and veteran ones integrate a conventional compressor (more affordable but less efficient, as they use 100% of their power to achieve the setpoint temperature), the most modern and advanced ones opt for Inverter technology, capable of varying the power of operation of your compressors to be always ready without the need to reach 100%, which can mean up to 50 – 70% less electricity costs.

  • cooling capacity, measured in frigories (1 frigoria is 1 kcal of heat absorbed and is equivalent to about 4 BTUs). A good approximation to size our future air conditioner is to consider about 100 frigories per square meter for a standard height of about two and a half meters. Thus, for a room of 20 square meters, the ideal would be to opt for a model with 2,000 – 2,500 frigories. Be careful not to missize your needs: if you fall short you will get hot and if you go too far you will waste their capabilities by spending more (although the room will cool down faster)

  • Energy efficiency, something fundamental considering the prices of electricity and the call to save energy, although it is always a good practice for the pocket and the environment to take care of what we consume. This year the new energy efficiency labeling of the European Union has come into force, where you will find data on noise, SEER (if you have a heat pump, also from SCOP) and a classification from A+++ to D with colors from green to red , where A+++ corresponds to the most efficient team and D the least. Our recommendation: it is worth spending a little more and opting for a model that is as efficient as possible. Of course, it is of little use to get efficient devices if we then do not take care of the insulation in our home, for example with elements such as thermal blinds.


  • Type and quality of filters. There are essentially five categories: washable, activated carbon, plasma or neoplasm, electrostatic air and HEPA type. In an air conditioning unit there may be one or a combination of several of the above and its mission is to trap the particles present in the air. While the most basic models are limited to capturing part of the dust and little else, there are those that filter viruses, bacteria and can even remove bad odors. If you have allergies, respiratory problems, smoke or live in highly polluted environments, pay special attention to this point.

  • Noise, mean in dB. If you are going to place the indoor unit in your bedroom, do not overlook this point: those models with more refined technologies are capable of reducing their noise up to 19 dB, while the more modest ones move between 24 – 25 dB in modes of real operation, lowering a few decibels in its night mode. Remember that the decibel is a logarithmic magnitude and not a linear one. Although we are talking about the indoor unit, the outdoor unit should not be neglected, since the compressor is a noisy element that can cause inconvenience to neighbors and even exceed the limits established by law in protected areas.


  • Smart/connected features. Although you can probably turn your air conditioner into a smart model, you may want to have its features from the start. Thus, from the classic command we jump to control from an application installed on our mobile or by voice with a compatible assistant, which can make it more agile or that you can activate it even when you are not at home on demand. In addition to comfort, they usually offer extras to optimize their operation thanks to geolocation or sensor systems. Thus, they can adjust their temperature depending on the temperature outside or if we are coming home.

Recommended models

Air Conditioning Offer 02

Its current tight price makes it rival portable models, we are talking about the EnergySilence 12000 AirClima from Cecotec (269 euros). At that price it is most interesting for its cooling capacity of about 3000 frigories for rooms of about 25 square meters, with a heat pump to be used in winter, an inverter system and an A++ energy rating.

With a classic operation with remote control and LED screen for people less techieshas eight speeds, three operating modes and dehumidification.

EnergySilence 12000 AirClima

EnergySilence 12000 AirClima

Split 3720mu

It’s not a well-known brand, but If you are looking for a cheap air conditioner that moderately meets all of the abovethis Infiniton model (379 euros) is the most interesting and also arrives in a couple of days.

To stand out for the cost that it has inverter technology, it is quite powerful (3500 frigories) and Wi-Fi connectivity via module.

With an A++ energy certification label (it’s not the most efficient of the selection, but it’s not bad), sleep mode in case you’re going to use it in the bedroom and a quad filter system with high efficiency plasma, ionic and antibacterial filters.

INFINITON Split Air Conditioner 3720MU (A++, Inverter, R32 Gas, WiFi, Dehumidifier, Eco Function, i-Clean) (3500 FRIGORIAS)

INFINITON Split Air Conditioner 3720MU (A++, Inverter, R32 Gas, WiFi, Dehumidifier, Eco Function, i-Clean) (3500 FRIGORIAS)

lg 32pluswf12e

From a better known brand is this LG 32PLUSWF12E (469 euros), a model also with Wi-Fi connectivity, inverter technology and quite powerful (2980 frigories) for rooms of about 27 square meters.

On the downside, its energy efficiency card reveals an A++/A++ consumption, which, although not bad at all, is the most modest of this selection.

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This is one great option to place in the bedroomwith an extremely effective Silent Mode that reduces noise from both the outside and inside devices so you can fall asleep.



The Haier Tide Plus AS35THMHRA-C (439 euros) is another good candidate connected, with 3000 frigories of refrigeration capacity and moderately efficient (A++ cold/A+++ hot). Its silent mode reaches 19dB, so it is also a good model to place in the bedroom or study room.

Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Haier Monosplit Tide Plus AS35THMHRA-C (1x1)

Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Haier Monosplit Tide Plus AS35THMHRA-C (1×1)

Bosch Climate 3000i

For 599 euros for the 3010 frigories version and 549 euros for the 2100 frigories version, the Bosch Climate 3000i SET 26 monosplit will serve you for rooms of 23 or 18 square meters respectively.

It has an inverter function with a heat pump so you can use it all year round, a silent mode that reduces noise by up to 20 dB, integrates an HD filter and you can use it through the app through a Wi-Fi module, otherwise you will have to settle with the classic remote control. With energy efficiency A+++ in heating mode and A++ in cooling mode.

Air conditioning 1X1 BOSCH Climate 3000i 3010 fg

Air conditioning 1X1 BOSCH Climate 3000i 3010 fg

Daitsu Agio Asd 9K Dg

Looking for an extremely energy efficient air conditioner? If this is your case, take a look at this Daitsu Agio ASD 9 K-DG (785 euros), with an A+++ label in both cold and heat mode, since it has a heat pump.

This model has a cooling capacity of 2,321 frig/h, has Wi-Fi connectivity and has a silent mode that reduces noise by up to 24dB.

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If your stay is shorter, take a look at its older brother the Daitsu Agio ASD 12 KD (820 euros), with 3,009 frig/hour, identical energy rating and also connectivity.

Split 1x1 air conditioning Daitsu Agio ASD 9 K-DG with 2,321 frig/h and 2,494 kcal/h

Split 1×1 air conditioning Daitsu Agio ASD 9 K-DG with 2,321 frig/h and 2,494 kcal/h

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