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Best radio alarm clocks you can buy right now

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Not everyone wants to wake up to the sound of their mobile, surprisingly radio alarm clocks are products that still have their audience. With these models you ensure that you will arrive at the office on time.

If waking up in the morning is already hard enough to face another day at school or at the office, forgetting to set the alarm and being late is not an option. That is why there are products such as alarm clock radios that continue to have their audience.

Whether it’s because you don’t want to use your mobile as an alarm or because you prefer to have a radio near your bed so you can just wake up and listen to the news from your favorite station, these are The best radio alarm clock models you can buy.

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These products still have a certain pull and are also cheaper than you might think. Recognized brands that can be considered “lifelong” continue to manufacture models that have advanced to something more than a clock with an alarm.

With better radio tuners, better quality speakers and designs, clock radios have evolved, although there is no denying that nowadays everyone wakes up with their mobile.

  1. Philips R3205/12
  2. Sony ICF-C1
  3. Philips AJ2000/12
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With modern design: Philips R3205/12

Philips R3205/12

If you are looking for an alarm clock with a radio with a more innovative design than the typical black ones with an LCD screen in a color that evokes past generations, you will certainly like this Philips R3205/12.

Available in white, it is a clock radio with FM radio, dual alarm, snooze function, soft wake mode, timer and a mirror front that shows the time in a warm colour.

At Amazon it costs 28.99 euros and to get it with free shipping you will have to sign up for Amazon Prime when you do not reach the limit of 29 euros.

Compact and cheap: Sony ICF-C1

Sony ICF-C1

Sony continues to manufacture radio alarm clocks, as an example this model Sony ICF-C1. With a cube design it has FM and AM radio.

The sound of the alarms are activated gradually to avoid heart attacks, it also has a sleep function that gives you those 5 extra minutes that life gives you later. You can control the brightness level of the screen and it automatically adjusts for daylight saving time.

You can find it on amazon with a 16% discount for only 25.12 euros.

Compact and classic: Philips AJ2000/12

Philips R3205/12

Philips R3205/12 is an FM radio alarm clock with a basic design and fair functions, doing its main job well.

If you are looking for nothing more than an alarm clock with FM radio that also has the option of putting batteries to prevent it from restarting when the power goes out, it is a model that does what it promises and only costs 12.50 euros.

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The cheapest: SPC FRODI


SPC FRODI It is one of the cheapest radio alarm clocks you can find right now and of good quality.

It is a compact alarm clock but with an XL monochrome screen, two alarms, raised buttons so you know what to press as soon as you wake up or even in the dark. This model only costs 17.99 euros.

If in addition to these functions you want it to have a wireless charger for your mobile, you can take it for 39.61 euros.

In 6 colours: HOMVILLA


Another option among the radio alarm clocks that you can buy and offer a different design is this one from the brand HOMVILLA.

It has a large time screen, in addition to showing the temperature next to it so you can get an idea of ​​what to wear. The front has a mirror function and has 4 adjustable brightness levels and 13 wake-up music modes.

It is available on Amazon in 6 different colors for 19.54 euros.

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