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BEST ROSCÓN DE REYES | These are the best roscones de Reyes from the supermarket according to the OCU

The end of the year is coming and with it one of the most typical Christmas sweets: the Roscón de Reyes. If already in its day we told you about the best nougat that the Consumer and User Organization had rated (TO FATHER), now we do it from the Roscones de Reyes from supermarkets.

The OCU has published its annual report on this dessert and, specifically, analyzes the top roscones of Kings stuffed with cream from El Corte Inglés, Eroski, Dia, Carrefour, Lidl, Mercadona, Hiper Usera, Aldi, Alcampo and Ahorramás.

What has the OCU assessed in its study? According to reports, the final note of the roscones is made taking into account the labelled, the nutritional quality of the product (already advancing with the nutritional value is not good since it is a bun made with butter and filled with cream), the fats employees (using butter and cream is not the same as using sunflower or palm oil), sugars, additives (the average is to use 14 while some go up to 20) and the taste, scored by a group of expert pastry chefs.

What is the best roscón de Reyes of 2021?

The best roscón de Reyes cream is that of El Corte Inglés with 63 points. In his score (from 0 to 100), the note that he has obtained in quality of the filling and quality of the fat of the bun (90 in both) and points out that in the tasting It stood out above the rest since “a smooth taste of orange blossom water is appreciated, its cream filling stands out for its creaminess and dairy flavor”. Finally, it also points out the good quality of the fats used.

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Roscón de Reyes | El Corte Inglés is the best valued by the OCU The English Court

The Roscón de Reyes from El Corte Inglés cost 14,95 euros and weighs 850 grams. After the Best of Analysis they are followed by Eroski (58 points), Dia (57 points), Carrefour (51 points) and Lidl’s roscón de Reyes (50 points).

Regarding the latter, the OCU highlights it as Advantageous Purchase since it presents the lowest price in the study (6.65 euros / kilo and the container 4.99 euros) and also highlights that it has good quality fats and in the tasting it obtained an acceptable score. € / kg.

The worst roscones de Reyes

Finally, the list indicates that the roscón de Reyes from Mercadona (49 points), Hiper Usera (43 points), Aldi (33 points), Alcampo (28 points) and Ahorramás (26 points) they are the worst rated.

The OCU also points out that there is only one roscón that does not exclusively use butter to make the dough: Aldi’s. This roscón replaces part of it with a mixture of butter and oil.

In the same way, he criticizes that not everyone uses cream. Those from Ahorramás, Mercadona and Hiper Usera mix the cream with other types of fats (coconut, palm, palm kernel or rape), while the company from Aldi only makes the cream with a mixture of palm and palm kernel.

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