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Best straps for the Apple Watch: official, unofficial and more versions

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The world of Apple Watch straps is huge, with designs of all styles, shapes, and colors. These are some of the best you can buy in different price ranges.

One of the things that allows us to express how we are with our gadgets is the customization that mobile covers offer. In the case of smartwatches, the straps, and there are a huge number of straps available, especially for the best-selling smartwatch, the Apple Watch.

if you are looking for best apple watch straps that you can get right now, you have landed in the right place. Not only the official ones, we are also going to talk about the huge market for straps from other manufacturers.

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Apple Watch bands come in two different sizes, small ones compatible with the 38 and 40mm Apple Watch, and larger ones for the 42 and 44mm. The new models of official straps are from 41mm and 45mm with the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 7, but they are backward compatible with their respective sizes.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a strap for Apple Watch is that not even the official ones are the best, although it must be recognized that Apple has excellent quality silicone straps.

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Another element to keep in mind is that very cheap straps, those that you find in AliExpress for a few euros, are not a panacea either. Also, if you are a person who usually has allergic skin reactions, you have to pay special attention to very cheap straps.

This selection of best apple watch straps It is based on our experience with them, as well as their value for money.

  1. The best strap for important moments
  2. best silicone strap
  3. best sports strap
  4. best leather strap
  5. best fabric strap
  6. The best chain link

For important moments: Apple Watch Milanese Loop Silver

Apple Watch Milanese Loop Silver (45mm)

If you have an Apple Watch and wear it all the time, even for big events, we can’t help but recommend the official strap. Silver Milanese Loop.

It is a very refined strap, of a very high quality that does not react on the skin or discolor. It is also very elegant so it can be used for those special moments.

Its price in 45mm is 99 euros, in 41mm it costs 92.99 euros.

Best Silicone Strap: Urban Armor Gear Scout

Urban Armor Gear Scout

The official Apple silicone straps are very good, they are of good quality, but right now you can find excellent quality silicone straps much cheaper and with better adjustments.

Urban Armor Gear Scout It is one of the best silicone straps you can find with a traditional closure and made of steel, not a button like Apple’s. It is a strap with a sports or adventure watch style, perfect for years of use in all kinds of moments.

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It only costs 19.99 euros in blue. You also have it in purple. The options in neon green, black, olive and silver cost 24.99 euros.

Best Sport Band: Apple Loop Sport

Apple Watch Sport Loop

If you are looking for a sports strap, you cannot miss a strap in your collection. Sport Loop Strapor what amounts to the same thing, the strap with a Velcro traditional apple.

It is one of the best straps for practicing sports because you can adjust it very well to your wrist and make sure that the sensors are touching the skin and measuring correctly. Also, after sweating it you can wash it and it dries very quickly.

There is a large collection of colors available. In the image you have the one in corn and white that costs 43 euros in 45mm and 45 euros in 41mm.

Best Leather Strap: Nomad Modern Leather

Nomad Modern Leather

The leather straps are quite nice, with a classic touch and also with normal wear and tear the leather ends up having a patina that looks especially good. A natural wear and tear that gives it a classic style.

One of the best leather straps for Apple Watch that you can buy is Nomad Modern Leather, a classic strap in the world that has a traditional black buckle closure.

You can find the 42/44/45mm version for 54.99 euros at Macnificos. The 38/40/41mm model costs less than 40 euros also at Macnificos.

Best Cloth Strap: Spigen Lite Fit

Spigen Lite Fit

If you like the retro style of fabric or nylon straps that imitate vintage military watch straps, we recommend this one. Spigen Lite Fit.

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A very light nylon strap, with a metal clasp that is adjusted by pressure, not by holes marked on the strap. This makes it much more comfortable to adjust to the size you want.

It is available in khaki green, navy blue and black. for less than 15 euros.

Best Link Strap: Suritt

Suritt Link Belt

Taking into account that the official Apple link strap costs 350 euros, without doubting the quality of its stainless steel, it is not a link bracelet that we can recommend considering the price.

If you are looking for a good quality stainless steel link strap at a much better price, the version of Suritt it’s pretty good.

It is available in 44/45mm and 40/41mm in silver, black and gold colors by €79.95. You can adjust it to your wrist by removing or adding links with the included tool.

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