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Best Wired Mice: Advantages and Best Options You Can Buy

These are the best wired mice on the market to work and play in 2023 and forget about charging batteries.

Although wireless mice are already the most common on our desks due to the comfort they offer, the truth is that wired mice are still much better in terms of value for money or if we are looking for the best possible performance in games.

When response time is key, such as in a shooter, the wired mouse has the upper hand except in certain models, much more expensive but excellent, such as the Logitech G PRO X Superlight or derivatives. Therefore, if it is not essential that it be wireless, it is better that you buy a wired one.

In addition to the response time that the mouse takes between pressing the button and performing the action on your computer, wired mice do not need to recharge their batteries because they do not have one. It is true that the wireless ones have autonomy of up to months, but it is enough that it runs out of energy at the worst moment to hate it.

The price that is usually lower, the comfort of not needing to recharge your battery or the performance in games are the strengths of this type of mouse, which have not been forgotten by any means, what’s more, the main brands continue to launch mice with wire.

These are The best wired mice you can buy this year.

  1. Microsoft Pro Intellimouse
  2. Razer Death Adder V3
  3. Logitech M100
  4. Logitech G502X
  5. Steelseries Rival 3
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Microsoft Pro Intellimouse

Microsoft Intellimouse

Microsoft Pro Intellimouse

The legendary Microsoft Intellimouse has been the mouse of choice for e-sports gamers since its release. It is the mouse that the best of Counter-Strike 1.6 played with, and it has continued to have its fans and followers until today. It is simply perfect.

It may not have the best sensor, nor is it the most comfortable for you, but it is very difficult for it to fail or be uncomfortable to use. When in doubt, this is the mouse to choose.

It is available on Amazon for less than 50 euros.

Razer Death Adder V3

Razer Death Adder V3

Razer Death Adder V3

Even more popular is the Razer DeathAdder V3, another of the most popular mice among computer gamers of the last decade. In addition, in each revision, it improves its sensor, ergonomics and materials. It is recommended for large hands or those who like to rest their entire hand on top of the mouse while operating it.

Its two side buttons are in the perfect position and the two clicks give excellent feedback in touch and sound. Another mouse that is hard to go wrong with. Available on Amazon for less than 80 euros.

Logitech M100

Logitech M100

Logitech M100

If you don’t want to spend so much money, and if you don’t work on 4K or higher resolution screens, the Logitech M100 is an excellent option. It is small, comfortable, light and precise. Its only drawback is that it does not have extra buttons, which gamers usually take advantage of, and its sensor, which is only 1,000 dpi.

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But its sensor is not limiting unless you want to work with precision on very large screens or you are a user who prefers a very high sensitivity.

It can be found on Amazon for less than 12 euros.

Logitech G502X

This is the new Logitech G502 X mice, the successors of the mythical gaming range, with important innovations

Logitech G502X

For users who want lots of buttons and like a solid mouse that doesn’t slip out of your hand, the Logitech G502 X is one of the best options on the market. The feel is excellent, and for many users it will be their go-to option if they find other mice too small or slippery.

It has an excellent sensor and, despite being a gaming mouse, it is also suitable for the office since it does not have a too extravagant design or hundreds of little lights.

It is available on Amazon for 73 euros.

Steelseries Rival 3

Steelseries Rival 3

Steel Series Rival 3

The Steelseries Rival 3 may be the best cheap mouse for playing competitive video games and its precision is no excuse for your aim within the game. It has just what is necessary, it is quite light and comfortable in the hand.

It won’t be the perfect mouse for all grips and tastes, but it will convince most, who will discover that you don’t have to spend that much to have a great mouse.

Right now it is discounted on Amazon for only 24 euros.

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