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“Between the CEO and Florentino they convince Laporta not to sign for CVC and kick Messi out”

  • A member of the Espai Barça Commission who has resigned after Messi’s departure accuses the president of Barça of being influenced by the new CEO, Ferran Reverter, “who commands a lot”, and the president of Madrid, who maintains his firm commitment to the Super league

  • “This is beginning to become clear … Who is in charge at FCB? Without Messi and without 270 million, perfect plan …”, reacts Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga

Jaume llopis was until now a member of the Espai Barça Commission in the new organization chart of Joan Laporta. Llopis has starred in the first resignation due to the departure of Leo Messi of Barça. He did so through a letter in which he stated that he was disappointed with the Barça president because he had failed to fulfill his electoral promise to do everything possible to keep the Argentine star at Barcelona.

Last night Llopis appeared on the program ‘The spar‘from the Ser chain and explained that in Messi’s march they have had a predominant role both Ferran Reverter, the new general director (CEO) of the club, as the president of the Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez.

“The new CEO commands a lot. I know that everything has to go through the CEO, everything has to be signed by the CEO and not the president and the CEO threatened Joan Laporta with resigning, and he has an armored contract, if signed with CVC Laporta was pressured by his CEO and on the other hand Florentino convinces him. Between them they convince him that he has to fire Messi and not sign with CVC, “Llopis explained.

Javier Tebas, President of The league, has already reacted to these statements on Twitter. “This is beginning to become clear … Who is in charge at FCB? Without Messi and without 270 million, perfect plan …”, he writes sarcastically.

The already ex-member of the Espai Barça Commission believes that if he had accepted LaLiga’s offer on the investment fund, Messi could continue at Barça. But everything went wrong and Llopis offers his version in the Being: “Messi himself said it in his own words: ‘I lowered my salary by 50% and they didn’t ask me for anything more.’ CVC is not a vulture fund as has been said It is a very serious fund. It is true that the first contract was not accepted because, according to Laporta, it was to mortgage the television rights of Fútbol Club Barcelona for the next 50 years, but CVC was willing to negotiate. And it is not negotiated either. Laporta is convinced by Ferran Reverter, the new CEO, that he cannot sign with CVC, and Florentino Pérez with the European Super League project. It also happens that Ferran Reverter has long been friends with Florentino Pérez and between the two They convince him and Laporta radically changes his mind and refuses to continue negotiating. What is surprising is that there are 25 days until the end of the market, there was time to find solutions. They refuse to negotiate with Messi and CVC. “

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And Llopis adds: “There is a total lack of transparency in this process. It is not possible that on Thursday the lawyers of both parties were ready to sign and when Jorge Messi arrives, Laporta tells him that there is no negotiation, that everything has been broken and he breaks also with CVC. We want to know what has happened in that period of hours in which Laporta changes radically. “

Llopis also comments that the only player who, of his own accord, has agreed to reduce his token has been Gerard Piqué.

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