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Bewilderment by the refereeing criteria for hands within the area



Dani carvajal, Real Madrid’s right back, gave voice to the confusion of the footballers regarding the referee judgment on hands in the area, which has changed several times in recent months, always revolving around the concept of “voluntariness” and the natural position or not of the arm.

From signaling a penalty when the player intended to cut a pass or shot with his hand, or when he unnaturally occupied a space in the area, any contact with the ball with his hands was punished, regardless of the intention. But now again the referees select again which hands are liable to be punished and which are not. In theory, because later, on the pitch, some decide in one direction while others, in similar plays, do it in the opposite.

The last controversial case took place in the clash between Eibar and Real Madrid, which closed the day this Sunday. In the final stretch of the crash, Sergio Ramos, obviously involuntarily because he had no vision of the ball, cut the ball’s trajectory inside Thibaut Courtois’ area with his elbow. An action that the locals immediately and vehemently demanded as a penalty.

Asked about the play, which the referee decided not to punish, Carvajal assured that he had not seen it because it caught him on the other side of the area, but at the same time admitted that players are not clear when it is a hand and when it is not.

«We are not sure, there are plays … Nacho gets a penalty against Alavés, they don’t whistle Capa, if today he hits Sergio and he doesn’t whistle either … That criterion should be clarified because the players are in question, we try to protest everything. It should be clarified both for and against, “explained the white side.

In this general confusion there is also Jose Luis Mendilibar, who after the game in Ipurúa showed his anger at the decision of the referees, who did not see anything punishable in the clear hand of the Real Madrid captain within the area.

« I only know that in 20 seconds they have decided, they have seen it very clearly, when in other similar plays you are 3 minutes giving the images, the VAR will have seen it very easy, “he lamented. «It seemed like a penalty to me and I think Sergio Ramos also thought it was a penalty, because He has been discussing it with our players and his team», Revealed the technician at a press conference.

Logically after your team has scored the three points, Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, took it differently from his colleague and did not enter into the question of confusing refereeing criteria.

After stating, like Carvajal, that he had not seen the play, he explained that “at the end the referee whistles, the referee has to know how to do things and I, as always, don’t mess with the referees and If he has decided not to whistle, there has been no hand for him».

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