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Beyond ‘Jerusalema’: musical themes that we liked in 2020 | Blog Africa is not a country

There are many and very good musical themes composed and performed by African artists during 2020. The year that is ending has also been characterized, among other things, by the huge number of musicians from the continent who have continued to triumph on the international scene. Another notable feature of the last twelve months is the large number of collaborations between stars from different countries, in an attempt to break borders. There is no doubt that this year has been spectacular for African music, although the pandemic imposed some stoppages and raised doubts about the ability of the music industry to cope. The available space imposes restrictions, so here we offer a short list, not exhaustive and very personal, of some of the musical successes that have most attracted our attention during the last year, which you can complete with your own selection.

Year after year, the Nigerian Burn Boys break records. All of his productions reach number one on the continent and abroad. Of the various themes he has presented this year, we chose Wonderful.

From Nigeria also comes Tiwa Savage. 2020 has been the year of his great international leap and his consolidation in the American music scene. One of his great successes is Korea.

And speaking of Afropop divas, we cannot leave out the great queen of the genre, Yemi Alade, which this year has released several singles, including True Love.

David closes the list of Nigerian artists we highlight this year, and does so with FIVE.

DJ Frozen made a tribute to all the mothers of the Ivory Coast which is entitled God on earth.

At 21 years old, From it has quickly become an egg in the Ivorian music and has lost no time to jump to the international charts. Your theme Paradis it is a sample of what you can do.

Representing South Africa on this list was much discussed, in the end the honor goes to the topic Wrong of Prince Kay bee with whom they collaborate Shiva, Black Motion and Ami Faku.

Diamond Platinum could not be left out of this cast and less after his spectacular collaboration with Koffi Olomide. Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo united in an issue entitled Whoa!

From the Democratic Republic of the Congo is also Fall Pupa, renovator of the Congolese rumba, which this year has had several successes, among them Hello Phone.

It is also difficult to choose one of the singles with which the Kenyan group Sound Sol has stood out this year, but in the end we opted for Suzanna.

From Cameroon, we have selected Lock and its theme Same things.

Bab l’blue It has been a breath of fresh air in Moroccan Ghana music, that is why we have seen fit to bring its theme here Ila Mata.

Apple Bocoum released a new album at the beginning of the year full of Malian rhythms. From him we have extracted Plane.

And we close with the great musical success of 2020, although it was published in 2019. Obviously, it is about Jerusalem from South African Master KG, in collaboration with Romeo, in its original version.

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