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Biden Administration confirms sending of “directed” stimulus check at events

Biden Administration confirms sending of “directed” stimulus check at events

The Biden-Harris Administration changes its speech on the stimulus check.

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Although officially the president Joe Biden It has not said that it agreed to reduce the number of people to whom the stimulus check of $ 1,400 dollars will be sent, in the events of the president and the vice president Kamala Harris a language is integrated that matches that change.

Vice President Harris with women at Fiber Space referred to the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and your benefits. His comments came the same day the White House left open the possibility of “directing” financial aid while the spokesperson Jen Psaki He noted that President Biden “was always open” to negotiating terms.

“The ARP sends $ 1,400 in checks to those who need it most”, noted the Biden-Harris Administration. Previously, the discourse was more generalized, pointing to the sending of aid “to the Americans.”

On Wednesday, a source who knows in detail modifications to the bill that is being discussed in the Senate revealed to The Washington Post Y The Associated Press what President Biden had agreed to lower the maximum income level for financial aid recipients.

In that way, people earning more than $ 80,000 a year and couples earning more than $ 160,000 will not receive any help.

Spokeswoman Psaki declined to confirm that President Biden accepted the proposal, but said that the president “was comfortable” with the negotiations.

“He feels comfortable and knows that there will be adjustments in the margin… His point of view is that the scope of the challenge must be met, it must be the size that he has proposed, it must have the core components to have an impact on the American people. ”, He indicated.

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If this new rule is approved, estimates from the Institute for Fiscal and Economic Policy indicate that at least 11.8 million adults and 4.6 million children could be left without financial aid.

The idea of ​​narrowing down to whom to send financial aid was initially proposed by Republicans, but a group of Democrats, led by Joe Manchin (West Virginia) joined that initiative and ended up being the one with the greatest momentum in the majority bench led by Chuck Schumer (New York), who tries to avoid “last minute changes” to pass the package this week in the Senate.

It is not clear if other benefits to families would be affected, such as the tax credit of $ 3,600 annually for children under 6 years of age, and of $ 3,000 for children between 6 and 17 years old.

One of the main challenges facing Schumer is the position of the Chairman of the Budget Committee, Bernie Sanders (Vermont), on the wage increase to $ 15 an hour.

The senator indicated that he would present the motion, while highlighting that there are 32 million workers who would benefit from this increase, of which 59% are women, 31% black and 25% Latino.

“This is not just about economic justice – raising the minimum wage would significantly narrow the gender and race pay gap. Let’s do it “, he expressed.

Sanders’ decision, however, goes against the determination of Senate MP Elizabeth MacDonough, which considers that plan unfeasible under the Reconciliation route, since it violates the “Byrd rule.”

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Critics of the ARP in the Senate also seek to reduce or restrict the use of $ 350 billion for state and local governments.

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