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Biden administration prepares surveillance network in Central America against migrant caravans to prevent them from reaching Mexico

DHS considers that the arrival of migrant caravans to Mexico is

DHS considers the arrival of migrant caravans to Mexico “too late” to stop them.

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The President’s Economic Plan Joe Biden in Central America it will still take a long time to bear fruit and avoid irregular immigration, but The Democrat seeks to stop the migrant caravans as soon as possible, for which he plans a surveillance network in that region and South America.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), led by Alejandro Mayorkas, is responsible for the planning and integration of an intelligence collection cell to monitor the movements of groups of migrants to the United States.

This was reported NBC News based on documents obtained, indicating that the surveillance cell would operate at the end of this month.

It would provide the agency with ‘indications and warnings’ of potential migrant waves by gathering intelligence from DHS personnel“, indicated. “It would seek to establish aerial surveillance of trucks and migrant camps. focus on borders and increase communication with the intelligence community in the United States and law enforcement agencies in other countries.

DHS officials confirmed the plan and assured that resources will be allocated to specific areas where it is considered that there may be a concentration of immigrants on the way to the United States.

The Biden Administration defends the strategy by ensuring that the groups promoting these caravans give people false hope, by ensuring that the US will allow all non-citizens to “stay in the country.”

America’s strategy is to counter false messages before migrants embark on dangerous journeys“Said an official.

The authorities consider that if the immigrants arrive in Mexico, “it is already too late” to stop their way to the US border.

The strategy signifies a change in federal policies, since the collection and dissemination of intelligence information on migratory movements used to fall to the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis, accusing that the Government of Donald Trump stopped doing that activity.

“Two former officials who served in the Trump Administration said the office was greatly weakened during the previous administration.“, They indicated.

They added that the focus of the past government was the border wall, a strategy that has not worked to stop the passage of immigrants.

“The almost unique approach of the Trump Administration in building a border wall as a solution to stop illegal migration and the entry of illegal drugs into the country actually resulted in the opposite,” considered one official.


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