Monday, January 25

Biden and America’s Presidential Transition: How is the World’s Most Powerful Job Delivered?

  • Jake Horton
  • BBC Reality Check


Obama handed over his job to Trump.

Donald Trump has not yet recognized Joe Biden’s victory, but his administration has already agreed to begin the government transition process. Even when the legal resources filed by his team on the results of the November 3 elections are still in force.

So what is at stake in this strange transition and why is it so momentous?

What is the transition?

It involves the transfer of important information and tasks from one administration to the next, ensuring that the president-elect and his team are up-to-date when they arrive at the White House.


Joe Biden is already preparing his entrance to the White House.

The incoming government is assisted by a government agency known as the General Services Administration (GSA, for its acronym in English), which provides funds and assistance with logistics such as offices, equipment and technology.

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