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Biden and the plan to send cash to Central America to stop immigration

Roberta Jacobson is a Southern Border Advisor in Joe Biden’s administration.

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The government of the president Joe Biden is seriously considering sending cash to Central America in order to stop the immigration that has increased in recent months.

So I would have confirmed Roberta Jacobson, advises on the White House border to Reuters, a few days after the Biden Administration announced the increase in the arrival of immigrants to the border with Mexico, with a 100% rise in unaccompanied children and 71% in foreigners in general.

“The potential program would be aimed at people in the Northern Triangle region of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador”, the agency published citing an interview with Jacobson, who was the ambassador of Mexico.

It is not clear who would receive the money in those Central American countries or what the distribution would be like.

“We are analyzing all the productive options to address both the economic reasons why people may be migrating, as well as the reasons for protection and security.”Jacobson said.

Jacobson was careful in her claims, noting that the money will not be delivered directly to Central Americans.

“The only thing I can promise you is that the United States Government will not give people money or checks.”Jacobson said.

President Biden has asked for $ 4 billion in development aid for Central America over four years to address the economic causes, primarily, that drive migration.

On Friday, the White House requested $ 861 million from Congress for that effort as part of the Democrat’s annual funding plan.

If approved, that would represent an increase of almost 40% over the current fiscal year, when $ 500 million was allocated through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) whose funds were lower during the government of the president Donald Trump.

USAID clarifies that some of its programs, which have been in operation for several years, direct funds to families to face lack of food and other basic needs.

Kevin McCarthy (California), the Republican leader of the House of Representatives, criticized the idea of ​​cash transfers.

“President Biden wants to try to buy our way out of his border crisis with taxpayer money.”he said on Twitter. “The Administration is spending $ 60 million a week and now wants to launch a cash transfer program in Central America. This is an insult to the millions of Americans who are out of work in our country. “

Although USAID has different programs in much of the world, in Mexico and Central America they focus on security and community development, as well as the return and reintegration of deported immigrants.

For example, in 2014-2017, including during the Trump administration, the agency has provided around $ 27 million to help returnees.

“This assistance has included the provision of food, transportation, school supplies and help to find a job.”, indicates a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

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