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Biden backs law like “HEROES Act” for new $ 1,200 stimulus checks

Biden backs law like “HEROES Act” for new $ 1,200 stimulus checks

President-elect Joe Biden speaking alongside Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Photo: JIM WATSON / AFP / Getty Images

United States President Elect Joe Biden declared its endorsement of an economic relief package with stimulus checks as stipulated under the Heroes Act, approved in May by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

In a tweet from his official account, Biden said on Monday that the federal Congress must come together “right now” to pass a legislation for economic relief from coronavirus as the “HEROES Act.”

“Right now, Congress must come together and pass a COVID relief package like ‘HEROES Act’ that the House passed six months ago. Once we end the virus and send economic relief to workers and businesses, then we can rebuild better than ever, “says the politician’s message on Twitter.

The expressions of the former vice president come after this Saturday, outgoing President Donald Trump took up the issue of the aid package on Twitter with a summons to the Legislature in Washington to pass “big” and “focused” stimulus legislation.

“Congress should now do a COVID Relief Bill. He needs the support of the Democrats. Make it big and centered. Do it! ”Reads the tweet from Trump, who is reluctant to leave the presidential seat amid allegations of electoral fraud that he has failed to uphold in court.

The latest reports on Trump’s plan for new coronavirus aid suggest that the Republican supports minimum checks of $ 1,200 plus $ 1,000 for dependents up to three.

When your spokesperson in negotiations for a new package Steven Mnuchin was still in talks with the House Majority Speaker, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Trump had released the figure of $ 1.8 trillion for the full amount of the legislation.

The former, although it far exceeded the plan of the Republicans in the Senate ($ 500,000 million), is below that proposed by the Democrats: about $ 2.2 billion.

Although Biden has not publicly detailed his preference in terms of the amount of money disbursements to implement a new law, referring to the “HEROES Act” implies that it favors the passage of a statute valued at up to $ 3 billion.

What does the Heroes Act include?

Among other things, the original Heroes Act included a second round of minimum checks of $ 1,200 plus the same amount for dependents, so the maximum money per family would be up to $ 6,000.

The legislation also provided for an extension of $ 600 per week for unemployment until next January. That extension of the benefit under the CARES Act expired last July.

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