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Biden believes that Israel’s reaction to Hamas attacks has not been “excessive”



The president of United States, Joe Biden, has defended the response of the government of Israel to missile attacks launched by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on some cities in his territory and has considered that “there has not been a relevant overreaction,” Biden told reporters this Thursday at a meeting at the White House.

“The question is how to get to a point where attacks are significantly reduced, especially rocket attacks that are launched indiscriminately against population centers,” he added, according to the Bloomberg agency.

Biden confirmed in a press conference that he held a telephone meeting with the Israeli prime minister on Wednesday, Benjamin Netanyahu, that he hopes to hold further talks with senior Israeli officials and that the United States is in continuous contact with other countries that could mediate a truce, such as Egypt.

Joe Biden, in a recent appearance at the White House
Joe Biden, in a recent appearance at the White House – Reuters

For his part, the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blink, has transferred that Washington “is open” to hold a dialogue at the United Nations next week in relation to what is happening in Israel.

«We are open and We support a discussion at the United Nations, early next week. I hope this gives us some time for diplomacy to have some effect and see if we can really achieve a real reduction in tensions, “Blinken said at a press conference.

Blinken also stressed that “missile attacks must stop”, that Israel has a “right to defend itself” and that the United States has already begun to “urgently involve” its regional partners “so that calm may prevail.”

Security Council meeting

Following these statements by Blinken, the United States Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-GreenfieldHe said, through his Twitter profile, that the UN Security Council will meet this Sunday “to discuss the situation in Israel and Gaza.”

“The United States will continue to actively participate in diplomacy at the highest level to try to reduce tensions,” added the ambassador, whose office would have blocked an effort to hold the third meeting of the Security Council on this issue for this Friday.

Diplomats from the Council assure the Israeli media ‘The Times of Israel’ that the United States has pressed for the meeting to be held next Tuesday and not this Friday, as had been proposed. Finally, Washington has accepted, based on pressure from Norway, China and Tunisia, that the open session will take place on Sunday.

The two previous emergency Council meetings on the situation between Israel and Gaza were held behind closed doors and concluded without a joint statement. USA blocked the statement because it condemned the violence exerted by both parties.

US presence in Israel

The Department of State has confirmed the shipment to the area of ​​an envoy, Hady Amr, responsible for issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict within the area.

On the other hand, about the presence of the United States in Israel, the White House has been questioned about the appointment of an ambassador. The spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, has stated that he “hopes” that in the coming weeks we will have news about it.

In this regard, the United States senator Bernie Sanders has encouraged Biden, through a post on his Twitter profile, to choose an ambassador to Israel who can represent the United States “impartially.”

“That it can engage not only with Israel but also with the Palestinians,” he asserted, to highlight that “the role of the United States should be to unite the peoples of the region, not simply support a right-wing Israeli government.”

The White House released a statement on Wednesday reaffirming that “Biden has conveyed his unwavering support for the security of Israel and its legitimate right to defend its people,” as well as the interest of the United States “to reestablish a sustainable calm.” , «Jerusalem, a city of such importance to people of faith around the world, must be a place of peace.

Regarding this and various statements by the US government, Psaki stressed that Israel’s “legitimate” right to self-defense has been defended because the “attacks come from Hamas.”

New clashes have erupted after rising tensions in Jerusalem, on the rise over eviction orders for Palestinian families

«Any loss of life, any threat to life, which we have certainly seen is a tragedy. That is what we are working to de-escalate and try to reduce in the region, “he added, also pointing out that” many Palestinians are endangered due to violence. “

In the case of the United States, its intervention is conditioned by the policy set by Donald Trump during his time in the White House, when he launched all kinds of gestures and messages in favor of Israel, including the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, against the criteria of the UN and the Palestinians themselves.

New clashes have erupted after rising tensions in Jerusalem, on the rise due to the eviction orders of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrá neighborhood, in East Jerusalem, which have intensified in recent days to protest against the repression by the Israeli security forces, which left hundreds of Palestinians injured.

So far, the attacks have left more than a hundred Palestinians dead in the Strip, as well as seven people dead in Israel, including an Indian national.

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