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Biden buries immigrant punishment promoted by Trump with public charge rule

Biden buries immigrant punishment promoted by Trump with public charge rule

The Biden-Harris Administration moves forward with its promises to immigrants.

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By giving up on defending the rule of public charge in the Supreme Court, the government of the president Joe Biden took a firm step to bury the previous administration’s attempt to punish the poorest immigrants.

“Following Rule 46.1 of the Rules of this Court, all parties respectfully request that this case be dismissed … each party will bear its own costs”, indicates the petition to the Highest Court signed by Elizabeth B. Prelogar, Acting Director of Defense General of the Department of Justice, and Barbara Dale Underwood, General Defender of the Attorney General’s office.

The letter also includes immigrant advocates, including representatives from the states of New York, Connectituc, Vermont, and New York City, as well as attorneys from Make the Road New York, the African Services Committee, the Federation Asiatica-Americana, Catholic Charities Community Services and Catholic Legal Immigration Network.

On February 2, President Biden signed the “Executive Order on Restoring Faith in our Immigration Legal Systems and Strengthening Integration and Inclusion Efforts for New Americans “ (“Executive Order on Restoring Faith in Our Legal Immigration Systems and Strengthening Integration and Inclusion Efforts for New Americans”), which in its Section 4 called for review and consequent actions on public charge.

“Immediate review of the agency’s actions on the inadmissibility of public charge”asked the president. This order He addressed various agencies, including the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security.

It must be made clear that the aforementioned rule was not a creation of the president’s government Donald Trump, but a reinterpretation and tightening of regulations that applies to immigrants, so that they do not represent a problem for the country’s finances.

The Biden Administration asks to review the guidelines in operation, in order to determine new actions.

“Address concerns about the effect of current public charge policies on the integrity of the immigration system and the Nation’s public health,” the order states. “Recommend steps that relevant agencies should take to clearly communicate current public charge policies and proposed changes, if any, to reduce fear and confusion among affected communities.”

The Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) was not applying the rule proposed by the Trump Administration, due to the legal battles that reached the Supreme Court, but immigrant advocates and groups that offer them different services warned that non-citizens were rejecting social benefits, including care for COVID-19, for fear of punishment when applying for the “green card” or citizenship.

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