Thursday, September 23

Biden Calls on Congress to Extend Pandemic Moratorium on Evictions – Live | US News


For months, Denise Forcer was stressed just by opening her closet. The clutter of belongings inside reminded him that he did not know where he would go or what he would do if the landlord complied with the eviction notices that continued to be posted on the door of his apartment in South Florida.

“I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown, really,” Forcer, 51, told The Guardian. “I didn’t know when those people were going to come knock on my door or put up another newspaper.”

Forcer, like millions of other Americans, has been shielded from eviction by a moratorium imposed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that expires at the end of this week. Unlike most of these tenants, Forcer was able to pay roughly three months of rent owed thanks to the $ 47 billion in rental assistance the government allocated to prevent evictions.

But only 6.5% of that money has been released, and advocates fear evictions will spike next week when tenants are suddenly trapped by months, if not a year, of unpaid rent.

Approximately 12.7 million tenants told the census In late June and early July they had little or no confidence in being able to make the next month’s rent payment.



Congress rushes to approve extension of moratorium on evictions

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