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Biden clings to the third dose of the vaccine


Despite low vaccination figures nationwide, the US president insists on the need for a booster injection against the coronavirus

Joe Biden, yesterday in Washington.
Joe Biden, yesterday in Washington.ELIZABETH FRANTZREUTERS
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“We will get the booster shot.” This was confirmed by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, his intention to vehemently support the national plan launched on Wednesday to administer a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to the entire population. All this in full reluctance of much of the American population to inoculate for the first time and in full increase of cases due to the Delta variant. The average number of deaths per day it has almost doubled in two weeks to 800.

In an interview with CBS, Biden confirmed that both he and the First Lady, Jill Biden, they will be the first in line, giving an example, with a third dose that experts have indicated to protect up to 80% more than those without it. But they won’t do it just for the extra precaution. There are several studies that confirm the loss of effectiveness of the first two doses -in the case of Moderna and Pfizer-, so reinforcement is advisable.

“We got our doses, I think, around December,” the president said. “So it’s about time.” His words are in line with his committee of experts, who stated in a statement that they are beginning to see “evidence of a reduction in protection against mild and moderate diseases “related to the coronavirus.

They made it clear that those with the full pattern need not fear for their lives. “They still have a high percentage of protection against the worst outcomes of Covid-19, such as hospitalization for a severe case or even death,” in the words of Vivek Murphy, US Surgeon General.

The experts’ recommendation is that the third injection be administered at least eight months after the second dose – if it is from Pfizer or Moderna – while it is being studied. what will be the way forward for citizens who have received the Johnson & Johnson drug. The fact that it was not available until March 2021 has delayed plans for a booster injection.

The excessive caution of the Biden administration seems to have not been to the liking of the World Health Organization, which has openly criticized the plan of the first world power. The director of the institution in Africa, Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, He has described the decision as a “mockery” of the global vaccination process at a time when that continent is still going through serious problems in obtaining sufficient doses.

More than a year and a half after the start of the pandemic, only 2% of the African population is vaccinated -of a total of 1,300 million people-, so Moeti believes that the bet of the rich nations should be to help the countries most in need and not think of a booster dose. “Actions by some countries worldwide to introduce booster injections threaten the promise of a brighter future for Africa,” he said.

Biden defended himself by claiming that The US has donated more drugs to third countries than any other nation. “We have donated more to the rest of the world than the rest of the world combined,” he said. “We have kept our end of the agreement.” In this regard, the American authorities indicated on Wednesday that millions of doses will continue to be sent abroad despite giving a third injection to the population at home.

Very low percentage of vaccinated

The latest numbers, however, make it clear that the problem at the national level is not in the lack of reinforcement but in the percentage of the population that even today he refuses to be vaccinated. The level of cases, hospitalizations and deaths has skyrocketed from coast to coast in recent weeks, which has forced the reinstatement of part of the precautionary measures against Covid in several states.

Ms de 90,000 people were admitted in hospitals for Covid at the beginning of the week, more than in any other peak except last winter, when infections and deaths reached daunting figures. The average number of daily cases has increased by 47% to 140,000.

The Delta variant appears to be the main culprit for the pullback, with an emphasis on the south. Florida, Louisiana y Mississippi they are suffering the consequences in hospitals, many of them overwhelmed. In the background, the data of 51% of the population with the complete guideline, still far from the long-awaited herd immunity. The third dose today sounds like a chimera.

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