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Biden denounces Trump’s “unprecedented assault on democracy”

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden.

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden.

On November 7, when he was declared president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden gave an acceptance speech. This monday when the electoral college has certified his victory and has officially slammed the efforts of Donald Trump for reversing the results, the Democrat has returned to speak to the country. He has done it to underline that victory at the polls, saying: “If someone did not know before, they know now.” He has also called “turn the page” and has urged “unity”.

His intervention, however, has been above all a firm and forceful case against Trump and his “unprecedented assault on democracy” and a defense of the system that the outgoing president has threatened. “Democracy has prevailed,” declared Biden. “Pressured, tested, threatened, our democracy has proven resilient, true and strong.”

In America politicians don’t take power, people give them power“, Biden said at another point in the speech.” The flame of democracy was lit in this country long ago and we now know that nothing, not even a pandemic or the abuse of power, can extinguish that flame. ”

Complaint without palliative

Biden has started by recalling the record turnout amid the pandemic and his historic victory (with 81 million votes, seven more than Trump) and he has said that this display of civic duty “should be celebrated and not attacked.” He also reminded Trump that when the Republican won the electoral college in 2016, he called his victory “overwhelming” and the votes with which he did so, 306, are the same with which he will arrive at the White House. And from there he has opened a detailed review of how the process has worked but also the failed attacks by Trump, which he has denounced harshly and without palliative.

The democrat, for example, has applauded the courage of poll workers and local and state officials that they have had to organize the elections and then certify the results, despite the pressure. “They could not and refused to give credence to what they knew was not true. They knew that the elections they supervised were honest and free and fair, they saw it with their own eyes, and they could not pressure them to say anything else,” he said. said, before denouncing “enormous political pressure, verbal abuse and even threats of physical violence.” “I hope we never again see someone subjected to the kind of threats and abuse that we have seen in this election “, has also declared;” it is inadmissible “.

Then Biden has applauded the “strength, independence and integrity of the judicial system”, before which he recalled that the Trump campaign presented “dozens of legal challenges.” “More than 80 judges throughout the country have heard their arguments and in all cases no evidence or cause has been found to reverse or question or cast doubt on the results,” he recalled, also lamenting that “nothing has stopped the allegations without based on the legitimacy of the results. ”

“Even more amazing” has Biden called the fact that 17 state attorneys general and 126 Republican congressmen join Texas lawsuit to try to reverse the results of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. With this, he denounced, they tried to “erase more than 20 million votes” and “give the presidency to a candidate who has lost the electoral college, the popular vote and all the states whose votes are trying to reverse”, “a position so extreme that We have never seen her before, who refuses to respect the will of the people, the rule of law and respect our Constitution. ” And he has been congratulated that the Supreme Court rejected the case. “The Supreme Court sent a clear signal to Trump and his allies that he will not be part of this unprecedented assault on our democracy,” he stressed.

Respecting the will of the people is the core of our democracy, even when it is hard, but that is the obligation of those who have sworn to defend the Constitution “, has also said Biden.

Turn page

Before closing the speech with a message of condolence to the families of the more than 300,000 deaths from coronavirus and of courage and promise of overcoming for citizens suffering from the economic crisis of the pandemic, the president-elect has left his message trying to leave behind the convulsion of recent weeks. “In this battle for the soul of America, democracy has prevailed,” he reiterated. “The people voted. Faith in our institutions was sustained. The integrity of our elections remains intact. Now It is time to turn the page as we have done our entire history; to unite, to heal“.

It’s doubtful Trump is going to help turn that page, or that many of the followers who continue to feed conspiracy theories of fraud and “theft” do. Others, however, are beginning to do so and finally, six weeks after the elections, some of the Republican senators who until Monday had resisted recognizing Biden as president-elect have begun to do so, in public or in private. According to Biden himself, seven prominent conservative senators called him Monday night showing willingness to work with his Administration.

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