Tuesday, August 3

Biden faces a challenge with the third economic stimulus package

President Joe Biden achieved his greatest triumph so far with the approval of the American Rescue Plan (ARP), but on his way to boast that triumph, the president faces a campaign of criticism from Republicans about the costs of the financial package.

Although he has broad support from Democratic congressmen, President Biden will also face “friendly fire” from the senator. Joe Manchin (West Virginia), who has represented the greatest threat to break the minimal majority that leads Chuck Schumer (New York).

With a message, the president will begin events on Monday to highlight the implementation of the $ 1.9 billion dollar economic plan, the White House confirmed. The tour is called “Help is here”.

On Tuesday, the president will travel to Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where he will talk about how the law he signed last Thursday “will help families.”

On Wednesday there will be an ‘impasse’, because the president will have a virtual bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Ireland, Micheál Martin.

The agenda anticipates that the president will be in the White House on Thursday, but on Friday the tour to talk about the ARP will continue in Georgia. That entity is particularly special for the Democrats after the triumph of the two senators who gave them the minimum majority.

The vice president Kamala Harrisas well as the first lady Jill Biden and the second knight Doug Emhoff they will also lead joint or parallel events. Dr. Biden will begin this Monday in New Jersey.

On Friday, thousands of people received the $ 1,400 deposit, which was highlighted by the White House.

“A day after President Biden enacted the American Rescue Plan, Americans across the country began receiving their stimulus checks.”, the Biden Administration said.

Deposits continued over the weekend, although some are available on March 17, considered the “official date” for the financial aid shipment.

The White House notes that 85% of American households will receive direct aid from the aid package in its plan to face criticism of lowering the beneficiary threshold, a battle that Senator Manchin won.

“For many families, (the check) will help put food on the table, pay the rent and keep the lights on,” the government boasted.

United Congressmen

Representatives and senators join the Biden Administration’s efforts to highlight the direct benefits to families of the tax aid package, such as $ 3,000 per year per child.

Senator Kirsten Gillibran (New York) highlighted to Hispanic media that the project will provide funds to small businesses, in addition to providing resources for public health and essential services.

Gillibrand personally negotiated the inclusion of a bill to create a Health Force to fight the pandemic and provide funding to state and local governments facing economic problems.

“I am particularly proud that this bill includes a first payment of nearly $ 8 billion to the Health Force, my bill to build a strong public health workforce to strengthen vaccination efforts.”, He said. “Although there is more work to be done … it is a great advance to address the magnitude of this crisis.”

On Monday, Leader Schumer will join Senators Bob Menendez (New Jersey) and Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) to address the benefits of student tax forgiveness.

They stop criticizing

Despite the fact that a recent Morning Consult poll revealed that the 75% of Americans support the aid package and among followers of the Republican Party the percentage is 59%, Republicans in Congress put together a strategy to dismiss the need for the ARP.

Their approach points out that the project “was not bipartisan” nor is it completely directed at COVID-19, although they do not mention the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

“There is a lot, a trillion dollars in non-COVID stuff. When people find out about that, they will be outraged, “said the senator. Marco Rubio (Florida), who will face reelection.

Democrats are ready to tackle criticism, as the Speaker of the House of Representatives announced this Sunday, Nancy Pelosi (California), who cited “bipartisan” support from voters across the country.

“The fact is, it is strongly bipartisan across the country. It is only in the United States Congress that Republicans have refused to meet the needs of the American people. “, criticized Pelosi on ABC News. “You can be sure that all your states and communities will benefit from this, and they will not complain at home.”

Republicans will not sit idly by in their criticism. The minority leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy (California), states that Americans support the plan, because “they don’t understand it.”

“This is not an aid bill, it is more or less a reward for Pelosi’s political allies, and it will be the American people who will pay the bill,” McCarthy said in a statement, in a message outlining his route to The critics.

The benefits

The aid package approved in Congress includes, among other programs:


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