Saturday, June 10

Biden heads to emergency NATO summit, Ash Barty withdraws; 5 Things podcast

On today’s episode of the 5 Things podcast: Biden heads to Europe amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The invasion is approaching a month long. Plus, reporter Chris Woodyard talks about Americans turning to smaller cars amid high gas prices, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson faces more questions at Day 3 of confirmation hearings, reporter Jordan Mendoza looks into the countries where people are the happiest and Ashleigh Barty is retiring from tennis at the age of 25.

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Hit play on the player above to hear the podcast and follow along with the transcript below. This transcript was automatically generated, and then edited for clarity in its current form. There may be some differences between the audio and the text.

Taylor Wilson:

Buenos dias. I’m Taylor Wilson and this is 5 Things you need to know Wednesday the 23rd of March, 2022. Today, Russia’s latest move blocks humanitarian aid to Mariupol in Ukraine. Plus, look at the world’s happiest countries, and more.

Here are some of the top headlines:

  1. A tornado hit New Orleans last night, killing at least one person in the area. Thunderstorms, as part of the same weather system, are moving east today, bringing the potential for more tornadoes from Northern Florida to Eastern Virginia.
  2. Six high school girls are dead after a crash with a semi-truck in Oklahoma yesterday. It’s not clear how the crash happened.
  3. And Okta is denying it was breached after a group of hackers said they gained access to internal information. Okta is a service that helps other companies manage employee access to internal tools.

Hell in Mariupol. That’s how some fleeing residents have described the scenes in Ukraine’s coastal southeastern city, which has gotten repeatedly bombarded by Russian forces over the past month. Ukrainian officials say the latest horror there came after Russia seized 15 rescue workers and drivers from a humanitarian convoy trying to get desperately needed food and other supplies into Mariupol. The Red Cross confirmed that an aid convoy was not able to enter the city.

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