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Biden highlights that the average family will receive $ 5,600 in financial aid

Biden highlights that the average family will receive $ 5,600 in financial aid

President Biden will tour to promote the benefits of the stimulus package.

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President Joe Biden initiated the events to highlight the benefits of the American Rescue Plan (ARP), in addition to showing the progress in the fight against the pandemic of COVID-19 with the application of vaccines.

About the economic package he said that checks for $ 1,400 are already distributedBut the bigger benefits of the plan will be more apparent soon.

“We are just beginning. By the time all the money is distributed, 85 percent of American households will have received $ 1,400 [dólares]”, He indicated. “To give one more example: for the average family of two parents and two children who earn a combined income of $ 110,000 a year, add to that $ 5,600 for them – $ 5,600 they will get.”.

The agent adds the check for the parents plus the similar aid for each child or dependent.

To the democrat tour, called “Help is here” the vice president joins in joint or parallel events Kamala Harris, The First Lady Jill Biden and the second knight Doug Emhoff.

“When I signed the American Rescue Plan last week, I said, ‘Help is on the way.’ This week… it’s here, sooner than many thought possible. During the next 10 days, we will achieve two goals: two giant goals, ”he said from the White House.

It refers to fulfilling the distribution of 100 million vaccines applied against coronavirus, plus the distribution of 100 million checks.

“The plan does much more. Extends unemployment insurance for the 11 million unemployed Americans and for all who will be unemployed in the short term “added.

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The president’s speech is an extension of his message last Thursday, when he spoke about his goals on vaccination and economic recovery.

“(The plan) will help hundreds of thousands of small businesses keep their doors open, making a huge difference in neighborhoods and communities.”, He said. “If you have a pharmacy, if you have a … a beauty salon, a hardware store, it is the center of small communities.”

He also said that he will provide funds so that schools can operate safely.

“It provides the largest investment in child care since World War II,” he defended. “And it provides food and nutritional aid to millions of families to prevent them from going hungry, keeping a roof over their heads … it expands health care coverage and reduces health care costs for many people.”

He cited estimates of Moody’s which indicate that with the boost to the economy, up to 7 million new jobs could be created.

The president maintains his speech towards the working class, which he refers to as the “backbone” of the country.

“(The aid) is focused on rebuilding the backbone of this country: the working families, the middle class, the people who built this country,” he said.

The Biden Administration seeks to show off the president’s achievements in his first 100 days in office, while Republicans intend to detract from the rescue plan who refused to support in Congress, despite having a support of 59% of Republican voters, according to a Morning Consult poll.


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