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Biden, on Trump’s blockade: “Many people could die if we don’t coordinate” | USA elections

President-elect Joe Biden, during an appearance Monday in Wilmington, Delaware.
President-elect Joe Biden, during an appearance Monday in Wilmington, Delaware.KEVIN LAMARQUE / Reuters

The anomaly of the situation that the United States has been going through since the November 3 elections, as a result of President Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat in them, is accentuated every day, as new records are reached in the coronavirus crisis. “We are going to a dark winter, things are going to get more difficult before they get easier,” summed up President-elect Joe Biden on Monday. Blocked the natural transition of power by an entrenched outgoing president, Biden has shared with the future vice president, Senator Kamala Harris, his priorities for the recovery of an economy hit by an uncontrolled pandemic.

“More people could die if we don’t coordinate,” Biden said, referring to the potential effects on the pandemic of a flawed transition of power. The United States registers more than 246,000 deaths from covid-19 and has accumulated more than 11 million infections.

Trump’s reluctance to go through the traditional transition process, in which the outgoing Administration updates the incoming one on key issues, facilitating a harmonious handover in January, keeps Biden and his team in the dark about plans and implementation. work carried out by the Trump Administration for the eventual mass vaccination campaign, which will surely take place next year, during the Biden Administration. Ron Klain, the seasoned politician recently chosen by the Democrat as chief of staff, said on Sunday that the president-elect’s scientific advisers will begin this week to meet with representatives of the companies responsible for vaccines, two of which have already published results. from its clinical trials that reveal efficiencies of more than 90%. “We now have the possibility of a vaccine starting in December or January,” Klain said. “There are people in the Government planning for the implementation of the vaccine. Our experts need to talk to these people as soon as possible. “

Before their appearance, Biden and Harris met with business and union leaders. The cast of agents he met with, including union leaders and the heads of big employers like General Motors and GAP, reveal that Biden’s focus is on getting jobs back to boost the economy. “We all agree that we need to get the economy going,” Biden said. But they are also all in agreement, he assured, that the virus must be controlled first and that it is necessary to “finance the public services of the States and local communities.”

The president-elect has highlighted the main points of his economic program, including the protectionist policies with which he wanted to snatch votes from Trump in his base of workers in a declining industry. “We are going to buy American products, we are going to make sure that the future is made here in America,” he said. Vice President-elect Harris also recalled that “this pandemic and this recession are hitting minorities disproportionately.”

There are still several months for the vaccine to be massively distributed in the population. An operation of an unusual scale to achieve an immunization that allows to recover a normal economic activity. At the moment, infections, hospitalizations and deaths continue to skyrocket across the country, and many states are imposing new restrictions to slow the spread of the virus. Despite the fact that the stock markets rose again after the new hopeful news about the Moderna vaccine, economic indicators speak of a containment of spending by consumers in the face of the uncertain outlook.

Therefore, the priority of the president-elect is to control the health crisis. And, in parallel, trying to overcome the blockade in Congress regarding the approval of a new rescue package for the economy. Many of the most relevant measures of the previous rescue, an unprecedented injection of three trillion dollars approved in the spring, have already expired or are about to expire, and experts agree on the urgency of new stimuli to the economy and aid to citizens, a package on whose definition Republican and Democratic legislators still disagree.

“For millions of Americans who have lost their wages or their jobs, we can provide immediate relief and we must do so quickly,” Biden said. “Congress must come together and pass a covid rescue package.”

Biden has already spoken with House Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, but has yet to meet with Republican Majority Leader in the House. high, Mitch McConnell. The latter, an astute and powerful veteran politician, continues to fuel the unfounded accusations of Trump’s fraud (“We have won the elections,” the president insisted on Twitter this Monday), knowing that now he must confront the leader, who despite having If the elections are lost, it has enormous popular support among the party’s rank and file, it would provoke a demobilization that could endanger the two Senate seats in Georgia, whose second round is held in January, and that will determine who holds the majority in the upper house.

That rescue will be Biden’s first big test. The president-elect will have to decide whether to encourage his people to reach an agreement on a limited-scope stimulus package already in the fall, or if he opts to try to move forward with a more ambitious agreement once he reaches the White House in January. .

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