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Biden pone fin a la etapa Trump

Saturday, 7 November 2020 – 02:35

A feeling of relief swept through much of the planet as the count progressed yesterday and Joe Biden’s victory in the United States presidential election approached, about to be confirmed.

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The leader of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.

A sense of relief ran through much of the planet as the count progressed yesterday and the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential elections of United States, about to be confirmed. The long and agonizing scrutiny for three days, marked by uncertainty and the attempt to Trump to delegitimize the entire system, is the fateful epilogue of one of the most stormy mandates in the history of the world’s first democracy. The already more than predictable triumph of dem


much tighter than they predicted

For months all the polls – once again incapable of palpating the sentiment of the average American – must be interpreted rather as the defeat of the still president. And it has only been possible because of the

huge mobilization

of millions of Americans who are joined by the priority objective of ousting Trump from power, who nevertheless has attracted greater support than he had. Thus, today the country faces an uncertain scenario of polarization, fueled by outbreaks of violence, which has only intensified even more this week and should persuade the Republican that

accept the mandate from the polls.

The crude attempt to continue muddying the process with desperate legal litigation will further damage the institutions of his country. All after one of the most indecent presidential interventions in memory, that of Trump hours before the end of the count in the decisive states,

denouncing the electoral campaign and calling the system corrupt,

the same one that has made him president and every president is obliged to preserve. Biden, beyond the little enthusiasm he generated as a candidate – although that low profile has been key to broadening his electoral base – today personifies

the triumph of liberal democracy over populism.

But the challenge is enormous and its capacity is unknown. He is expected, first of all, to be the reverse of what the Trump stage has represented, a disruptive trial of institutional degradation and little respect for common rules. The world trusts that the United States will end its isolationist parenthesis and once again carry out its irreplaceable global leadership, returning to

bet on multilateralism and cooperation.

Biden’s challenges are not easy.

The most urgent of the next president is none other than to sew his people, broken by discord, to save, as Lincoln hoped, a unit that is now lost. The coronavirus has raised unemployment and severe poverty figures in a country where inequality has increased since 2016. In the short term, it will not be easy to reduce unemployment rates. And the Democrat has hinted at a questionable increase in fiscal pressure at a time when the urgency is to get back on the growth path. In Europe, Biden is expected to address the

reconstruction of the Atlantic relationship after Brexit

and put an end to instability within NATO. A new era is about to open in the US;

I hope Trumpism will soon be nothing but a bad memory.

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