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Biden prioritizes Mexico and other Latin American countries with shipment of 25 million vaccines against COVID-19

In total, the US will share 80 million vaccines against COVID-19.

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The distribution of 80 million vaccines against COVID-19 Overseas, its priority is countries allied to the United States and those where economic and infrastructure plans are implemented to stop irregular immigration, such as Mexico and other Latin American nations.

“Approximately 6 million will go to regional priorities and associated beneficiaries, including Mexico, Canada and the Republic of Korea, the West Bank and Gaza, Ukraine, Kosovo, Haiti, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Yemen, as well as Frontline Workers. of the United Nations ”, advanced the government of the president Joe Biden.

This is about a quarter of the first 25 million doses to different countries with a population distribution approach.

“The United States will share vaccines in our region and across our borders. We first made the doses available to our closest neighbors: Canada and Mexico, ”the White House recalled.

President Biden noted that he does not let his guard down on efforts in the country to vaccinate all Americans, but also seeks help other countries beat the pandemic.

“As long as this pandemic continues anywhere in the world, the American people will remain vulnerable,” he acknowledged. “And the United States is committed to bringing the same urgency to international vaccination efforts that we have demonstrated at home.”

The president recalled that The United States has already committed $ 4 billion to support COVAX in different periodsBut that’s part of the effort, including the temporary release of intellectual property rights, which he had to give in under international pressure.

“We have already shared more than 4 million doses of vaccines with Canada and Mexico, and I announced last month that, at the end of June, the United States will share 80 million doses of our vaccine supply with the world,” Biden recalled.

Of the distribution that is enlisted, almost 19 million will be shared through the COVAX Vaccine Alliance, which will be distributed as follows:

>> 6 million for South and Central America: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Haiti and other countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), as well as the Dominican Republic.

>> 7 million for Asia: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, and the Pacific Islands.

>> 5 million for Africa they will be shared with countries that will be selected in coordination with the African Union.

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