Friday, July 30

Biden proposes to skyrocket social spending and freeze the military budget

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Joe Biden is determined to turn on the faucet public spending to try to change social inequalities in the US and has once again demonstrated this with the presentation of its proposal for budget for discretionary games.

The White House announced this Friday a proposal for fiscal year 2022 that, broadly speaking, boosts social spending and keeps defense spending flat. It is a budget of about $ 1.5 trillion, in which defense and non-defense expenditures are divided in half, but the latter experience a growth of 16%, while funds related to military activities grow only 1.7%.

The proposal is the first step in a complicated budget approval process in Congress. In the coming months, the White House will complete it with the rest of the mandatory items – basic expenses such as social security payments and public health coverage plans for people with few resources and for retirees, Medicare and Medicaid– and with the calculation of tax revenues. It will be a tough fight until September, when the budget must pass, with a Congress where Democrats have slim majorities and where Republicans are unwilling to give in to Biden’s spending ambitions.

It will be a spending-fatigue negotiation among legislators, after the 1.9 trillion that Congress agreed last month to deal with the pandemic of Covid-19 and in the middle of another fight, that of the more than two billion that Biden requires for his infrastructure plan.

The Republicans, who were not very combative with the expansion of the deficit that the US public coffers experienced under the Trump presidency, aim to change the register with Biden. Above all, when the beneficiary is social spending and not so much defense.

41% increase in education

“This shows signs of weakness against China and Russia, which are investing heavily in their armies,” the senator criticized in a statement. Richard Shelby, the highest-ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee. “We have just spent several billion at home, and the Administration wants to spend several million more. Cheating the US defense in that process is unacceptable and dangerous. “

Among the biggest beneficiaries of Biden’s proposal are educational spending, which would have an increase of 41% in its item, especially for the improvement of the education from low-income communities; the Department of Health and Human Services, which would get a 23% higher item, among other things, to strengthen the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the medical authority that has led the battle against Covid; or 15% more for public housing programs.

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