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Biden pushes $ 1.2 billion plan after Hurricane Ida deaths and floods in New York and other states

President Joe Biden urged Congress to pass his infrastructure package.

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Amid the natural disasters facing the country, such as Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, and recently in New York and other northeastern states, as well as fires in California, President Joe Biden indicated that he will push for approval of his $ 1.2 trillion economic package in the House of Representatives.

This was expressed in his message after the storm that hit the northeast area and left at least 28 people dead, 12 of them in New York, according to preliminary counts, in addition to flooding in the city, especially in Queens and Brooklyn.

“When Congress returns this month I will push for action on my Build Back Better plan,” said the president.

The project, also known as “Rebuild Better” is divided into two parts, one with investments in infrastructure, the $ 1.2 billion dollar package., and another with the $ 3.5 billion dollars in social spending and other investments that would be approved under the Reconciliation process.

That will make historic investments in electrical infrastructure, modernizing our roads, bridges, our water, sewer and drainage systems, electrical grids and transmission lines.“, Defended the president. “It will make them more resistant to these super storms, forest fires and floods that are going to occur with greater frequency and ferocity.”

Regarding the work in various entities for the aforementioned disasters, the president indicated that his administration is in contact with the corresponding governments, including the direct coordination of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“I just spoke with Governor (Kathy) Hochul of New York and Governor (Phil) Murphy of New Jersey, and I plan to speak with Governor (Tom) Wolf of Pennsylvania, following last night’s devastating storm and flooding from Hurricane Ida. , the fifth largest hurricane in our history ”, he highlighted.

The president cited record rainfall figures that, according to the National Weather Service, were more than 7 inches at the Central Park monitoring point, where 3.15 inches of water were recorded in one hour, when the record set on August 21 was of 1.94.

It also highlighted the first emergency flood watch for New York City, due to heavy rainfall in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and parts of Long Island.

“People were trapped in the Subway, but the heroic men and women of the New York Fire Department rescued them all,” he said. “We are also seeing the same story of devastation and heroism in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.”

The death toll has varied. The president reported in his message 11 people died in New York and New Jersey, but there are reports from The Associated Press and The New York Times that there are 12, while in the entire region the total is 28 at the moment.

President Biden also said that efforts are continuing to help those affected by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana.

“We have been following the hurricane closely… To date, six deaths. Approximately one million homes are without electricity in Louisiana and Mississippi, ”he said. “The good news is that as a result of a significant federal investment of billions of dollars in the levee system around the New Orleans metropolitan area, it was sustained. Was strong. It worked”.

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