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Biden pushes and his new economic package could be approved without the Republicans

President Joe Biden defends his infrastructure and jobs plan.

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President Joe Biden He is convinced that his economic project for infrastructure and employment is the way to achieve the recovery of the United States and look to the future, so it seems clear to him that there are ways to turn around a possible obstruction of Republicans in Congress.

Back at the White House in Campo David, the president made comments about his plan and the difficulty in the Senate, mainly.

“They know what we need”Biden said on whether he has spoken to Republicans. “It is something interesting. When the Republicans presented an infrastructure plan, they thought it was worth paying for the infrastructure, from broadband to other things. “.

The Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, said Sunday that President Biden is willing to have his $ 2.25 trillion bill approved under the Reconciliation Rule, which was applied for the American Rescue Plan against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As he has said, he was sent to the Presidency to do a job for the United States. And if the vast majority of Americans, Democrats and Republicans across the country, support spending in our country and they don’t allow us to lose the race globally, then he will do that, “Granholm said on CNN.

Granholm said the president prefers his plan to be bipartisan, but his goal is to get it approved.

The Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), described the project as “audacious”, but complained that it proposed an increase in taxes to the richest, in addition to considering that it would generate more debt, thus “blocking” the project.

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President Biden stresses that the US is at a crucial moment, which requires investment in infrastructure.

“When you are in a situation where you cannot turn on a water source at school, because water affects your health, that is infrastructure”, he stressed. “I’m talking about making sure we remove asbestos from schools, that’s infrastructure. I’m talking about building high-speed trains, that’s infrastructure ”.

He added that his project includes reinventing federal buildings, investing in roads, bridges and broadband.

He also dismissed that large corporations “leave the country” before a tax increase, which would go from 21 to 28 percent.

“The tax was 36 percent,” he recalled. The government of Donald Trump he lowered that rate amid criticism of profits for large corporations.

“Now it’s down to 21 percent,” he said, defending the 28 percent proposed in his plan. “You’re talking about Fortune 500 companies that haven’t paid a penny in taxes for three years. Come on man!”.

On the insistence of negotiating with the Republicans a middle way, the Democratic president considered that it is time to move forward with that plan, remembering that other powers are investing billions of dollars in their infrastructure.

“I’m going to do my best to compete with the rest of the world.”, he expressed. “Everyone else, in the rest of the world, is investing billions of dollars in infrastructure and we are going to do it here.”

If Democrats decide to follow the Reconciliation Rule, they may have to pass the House and Senate “separately” on different parts of the bill before sending a final proposal to the White House.

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