Thursday, October 28

Biden-Putin Summit Live: Leaders Arrive at Geneva Headquarters for Hours of Tense Talks | US News




Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin They have started talks in Geneva at a long-awaited summit aimed at preventing the rivalry of the two countries from escalating into open conflict.

The Russian president’s plane flew over a quiet Lake Geneva and landed at 12:27 pm He traveled by caravan to the summit site, the 18th-century Villa La Grange. Unusually, Putin arrived on time.

Biden followed minutes later and was greeted by Swiss President Guy Parmelin, surrounded by Russian, American and Swiss flags. Biden and Putin posted a short photo shoot in front of the mansion and shook hands. There was a flash of a smile from both of them before they disappeared inside.

Welcoming his guests, Parmelin said he hoped the couple would have a “fruitful and productive dialogue, for the benefit of their countries and the entire world.” The historic summit talks should last four to five hours.

Ahead of Wednesday’s meeting, Biden said he seeks “stable and predictable” relations with Russia despite claims that Putin has interfered in US elections, sparked wars with his neighbors, and tried to crush dissent by jailing the US. opposition leaders.

Putin brings his own list of complaints to Geneva in his first trip abroad since the coronavirus outbreak in 2020. He has expressed anger at the US support for the Ukrainian government and the opposition’s claims of support in Russia and neighboring Belarus, as well as NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe.

While the two sides may seek common ground on issues such as nuclear arms control, there are numerous tripwires that could derail the conversation, raising expectations of a careful summit that both sides try to navigate without causing a scandal. An analyst described the next meeting as “cleanup” after a long period of crippling dysfunction between Russia and the United States.




Biden and Putin arrived at the Geneva headquarters of the US-Russia summit.



Swiss President wishes Putin and Biden ‘fruitful dialogue’ in the best interest of the world









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