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Biden seeks support by letter to López Obrador to control flooding immigration




Joe Biden, the President of the United States, has responded by letter to the letter that Marcelo Ebrard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, delivered on September 9 to Antony Blink, the US Secretary of State, during the meeting on the high-level economic dialogue. The text had as sender Lopez Obrador that reflected the problem of migration by addressing its root causes, lack of opportunities and insecurity. The US president’s response was swift: “We share the vision of an immigration system that humanely protects our respective borders, expands legal avenues of opportunity and protection in the United States,” he concluded.

The Mexican Foreign Minister has argued that both nations agree to “address the root causes of migration, lack of opportunities and insecurity” as the “most effective way to dissuade migrants from leaving their homes.” He agrees with Biden who has shared with López Obrador his availability to address the causes of migration to the United States with the “fight against the lack of economic opportunities, weak governance, corruption, violence and insecurity.”

Rio Grande

However, both neighboring nations must establish humanitarian standards so that the controversial images of September 20 are not repeated in which the US border patrol, in the Rio Grande near Texas, beat Haitians with whips from their horses or the video late August in which two Mexican immigration agents are observed immobilizing and kicking a migrant in Tapachula, bordering Guatemala.

Biden’s lyrics state that they are working to improve processing to better identify “legitimate requests for protection while quickly discarding those without.” As ABC has verified through its presence in a migrant camp or with lawyers specialized in migratory flows, many people are forced to leave their residence due to violence who cannot prove the stalking of gangs that put their lives at risk.

Surprisingly, the US president endorses by letter to Young People Building the Future and Sembrando Vida, López Obrador’s two programs for poor rural families in communities with high emigration. The Biden administration has boasted in the text of the 600 million dollars in international assistance granted to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. To which he adds another 861 that next year will go to Central America.

One of the goals of the US president is to “consider asylum applications fairly and efficiently.” It should be remembered that Biden served as vice president of the Barack Obama administration between 2009 and 2017 when almost three million illegal immigrants were expelled from the United States, one less than under George Bush. In fact, Obama was nicknamed the “Deporter in Chief” by the Latino community as he sent 177,000 more migrants to their countries of origin in his first year in office than in Trump’s.

Migration, a pressing problem

Already in the first telephone call from López Obrador to Biden, the Mexican leader stated that “the fundamental solution to the phenomenon of migration involves promoting development in the communities of origin.” In the United States alone, 36 million Mexicans reside, which is 63% of the Latino population in the megapower. Biden points out in his letter to López Obrador that he seeks to direct “the resources of the unnecessary border wall towards proven investments and technology.” Clarifying that their tactic is to modernize land ports of entry.

Despite the fact that in his first three years in office, Trump only managed to lift 177 of the 1609 kilometers intended (on a border of 3,185) of his controversial wall erected on the border with Mexico, the so-called ‘invisible wall’ managed to significantly reduce migration with a drop of up to 75% in the admission of refugees and a decrease of 10% in the acceptance of greencards, although with asylum applications on the rise. A tightening of immigration laws with the signature of decrees and stricter requirements for the granting of immigration benefits caused the fall. As opposed to Joe Biden’s tenure. The 46th president of the United States has been in office for just nine months in which historical records have been broken for the arrival of undocumented immigrants and that only in May of this year they detained 180,000 migrants on the border with Mexico, which already set record numbers in April and March with 178,622 and 173,348 arrested, respectively.

Thus, from January to June, a migratory wave was detected that represented three times that of last year. In July, a new milestone was reached with 212,000 retained (the equivalent of the population of Jerez de la Frontera). The last proof that the United States needs the López Obrador government to control the movements of migrants to the superpower were the 15,000 Haitians settled in a makeshift camp in Del Río (Texas). After the overflow of migration in the last year, Biden looks to López Obrador for vital support with an inspiring phrase: “We are stronger when we work together and I look forward to our joint efforts to come.”

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