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Biden tasks Harris with “stopping” the migratory flow at the southern border

Vice President Kamala Harris.

Vice President Kamala Harris.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has commissioned this Wednesday to the vice president, Kamala Harris, “the efforts” to “stop” the migratory flow on the southern border with Mexico, in which it will be his first great challenge since he arrived as ‘number two’ to the White House. “I can’t think of anyone better qualified to do this,” Biden stressed during a meeting in Washington in which the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, also participated.

The president of Biden, who was already in charge of this type of measures when he served as vice president during the Barack Obama Administration, has explained that although “this increase” in immigration began already in the previous government, “it is the responsibility” of the current brake on this situation.

Biden has asked Harris to lead the United States in the alliance with Mexico and the one known as the Northern Triangle – El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – because “they will need help to stop the movement of so many people and” stop migration on the southern border. ”

The vice president, Biden said, “has agreed to lead our diplomatic effort and work with these nations to accept” newcomers and “improve the enforcement of immigration laws at their borders.” “There is no doubt that this is a great challenge,” said Harris, who hours before this announcement confirmed for CBS that she and Biden would “of course” visit “at some point” the southern border. “At some point, of course we will go to the border (…), but the reality is that in addition we have to deal with the root causes. We have to deal with what is happening in the Northern Triangle and approach it in a way that is not just about diplomacy, “he explained.

Harris, who has advanced that “it will take time” to solve this problem, has insisted on the need to deepen the situation in these countries in order to manage the “causes of why people keep coming “ To united states. The vice president has stressed that she hopes to work with the authorities of the region to “guarantee prosperity”, as well as trusting in the work together with those members of Congress who share the perspective “on the need to address the root causes of migration” .

The increase in migration has created a difficult situation to handle within the White House, especially when Biden promised during the election campaign to reverse the much-questioned policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The Border Patrol has experienced increased pressure in recent months, ensuring that about 530 unaccompanied minors arrive at the border every day. There are currently more than 21,000 children in the custody of the United States.

The Pentagon will welcome migrant children

Precisely, the Pentagon approved this Wednesday a request for assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to temporarily hosting unaccompanied migrant children in military installations, in the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland and in an area of ​​Fort Bliss, in the state of Texas. This has been announced by the spokesman for the Department of Defense, John Kirby, who has detailed that HHS officials will be able to begin preparations to receive unaccompanied minors. “This support will be fully reimbursable and will not adversely affect military training, operations, readiness, or other military requirements, including National Guard and Reserve readiness. HHS will maintain custody and responsibility for the welfare and support of these children at all times, “Kirby said, according to a statement from the department.

On the other hand, government officials have confirmed this Wednesday that 1,400 migrant minors who are in Border Patrol facilities will be transferred to the San Diego Convention Center, in California, temporarily, reports ‘The San Diego Union-Tribune’ . This will be the sixth temporary facility the United States opens to house migrant children, who are expected to arrive at the center this weekend. Other foster care facilities are located in the cities of Dallas, Midland, Donna and two in Carrizo Springs, in the state of Texas.

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