Sunday, November 28

Biden tells his critics to take their appeals to the injunctions to court

(CNN) — President Joe Biden on Friday challenged Republicans to put their new vaccination requirements to the test in court, while underscoring his administration’s commitment to the student safety on his visit to a Washington city high school.

In a visit in which he highlighted a part of his six-point plan to combat the pandemic, Biden responded to criticism from Republicans, including several governors, who say his new plan amounts to a government overreach and plan to challenge it in court. The Republican National Committee has said it plans to sue the administration over the tough new measures.

“Give it a try. I’m very disappointed that, in particular, some of the Republican governors have been so negligent about the health of these children, so negligent about the health of their communities,” Biden said.

The president continued, “This is for real, this is not a game, and I don’t know of any scientist in this field who doesn’t think it makes a lot of sense to do the six things I’ve suggested.”

He lamented the political polarization in the nation, as some Republican governors have issued state bans on mask-wearing mandates and vaccines have become an area of ​​deep division.

“One of the lessons that I hope our students learn is that politics does not have to be this way …. They are growing up in an environment where they see that it is like a war. Like a bitter dispute. If the Democrat says right , everyone says left … It is not who we are as a nation, and it is not the way to overcome any other crisis in our country. We have to unite, “Biden said.

In his remarks, Biden expressed his empathy for the academic and social anxiety that the pandemic has caused in the country’s classrooms.

“I want people to know that we are going to be okay. We know what it takes to keep our children safe and we have the tools to do it,” he said, reiterating his six-step plan, which includes provisions for schools, including schools. the obligation to vaccinate all students over 12 years of age.

“If the schools follow the science, and they are here, and apply safety measures such as vaccination, tests, the use of masks, then children can be safe in schools, safe from covid-19. My plan makes possible all these things, “Biden said.

He stressed that getting vaccinated is safe, easy and convenient, and praised Washington Mayor Muriel Boswer for her efforts to bring vaccines to schools.

The president promoted the idea of ​​vaccination awards and incentives, and promised Brookland Middle School students in attendance that they could come to the White House “for a special visit” when everyone gets vaccinated.

“I’m not sure how we’re going to do it in terms of logistics, but I suppose the buses will be able to take you to the White House and if we can’t get you all in one room, we’ll be in the Rose Garden, back there. Maybe I let them fly the helicopter … Well, this last one is a joke, “he said.

Biden also underscored the risks of not being vaccinated.

“Children are four times more likely to be hospitalized if they live in an area with low vaccination rates than with high rates,” he said.

According to a new study According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more children attending the hospital and ER in states with lower vaccination rates.

Children, 26.8% of daily cases of covid-19 in the US 0:54

Recently, pediatric hospitals in the most conflictive areas of covid-19 are full due to the increase in the delta variant.

This Thursday, Biden imposed new and strict vaccination regulations for federal workers, large employers and healthcare personnel as part of a new push to contain the covid-19 pandemic.

The new mandates could apply to up to 100 million Americans, which is nearly two-thirds of the nation’s workforce. This is Biden’s biggest push to demand vaccination from much of the country.

Biden directed the Department of Labor to require all companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that their workers are vaccinated or tested once a week. Companies could face fines of thousands of dollars per employee if they fail to comply.

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