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Biden thinks Congress will agree on stimulus checks when Trump leaves the White House

Biden thinks Congress will agree on stimulus checks when Trump leaves the White House

Joe Biden in a speech from Wilmington, Delaware, on November 6.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

President-elect Joe Biden said this week that a second round of stimulus checks is more likely after rival Donald Trump leaves the White House.

Amid a virtual discussion on Wednesday with health workers on the front line, the Democrat considered that reaching an agreement on new stimulus payments will be easier starting next year since Republicans will not have the pressure of Trump on their shoulders or the fear of “retribution from the president.”

Biden, who will be sworn in on January 20 and the new Legislature in Washington on January 3, added that a second round of checks will be a priority once he takes office.

Two days earlier, Biden shared a tweet on his account in which he also mentioned the issue of coronavirus aid.

Biden said Monday that the federal Congress must come together “right now” to pass a coronavirus relief legislation as the “HEROES Act.”

“Right now, Congress must unite and pass a COVID relief package as ‘HEROES Act’ that the House approved six months ago. Once we end the virus and send economic relief to workers and businesses, then we can rebuild better than ever, “says the politician’s message on Twitter.

Negotiations between House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House Speaker Steven Mnuchin have not retaken since the elections passed..

While Pelosi’s Senate counterpart Mitch McConnell, he insists on a package of about $ 500,000 million dollars.

That figure is well below the one supported by the Pelosi-led Democrats: $ 2.2 trillion.

McConnell, who prior to the elections had been absent and quite silent from the public debate on the issue, took it up again after prevailing in the electoral contest.

The senator from New York, Chuck Schumer, indicated yesterday in a press conference that McConnell allegedly agreed to resume negotiations with Democrats to expedite a project of economic aid for COVID-19,

“Last night, they agreed to come to the negotiating table and the advisers will meet today or tomorrow to start to see if we can get a really good COVID-19 relief law,” said Schumer, minority leader in the Senate.

“So there has been a bit of progress, which is reflected in the fact that the people at McConnell have finally sat down to talk to us,” he added.

However, the Telemundo report that mentions Democratic and Republican advisers highlights that Schumer may have exaggerated his expressions, since the parties focus the discussion on a new resolution that avoids a government shutdown as of December 11 if it is not approved. new financing.

What has been clear for months is that neither McConnell nor the Democrats have wanted to give in on the issue of the amounts of the legislation. The Kentucky senator in particular has not introduced measures that include a new round of checks.

Another issue that should not be overlooked is that projections anticipate a Senate under Republican control, which would represent a stumbling block to make way for a more substantial, bipartisan stimulus bill.

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