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Biden tightens restrictions to curb the wave of Covid in the US


The US require a negative Covid-19 test performed 24 hours before traveling, regardless of whether or not you are vaccinated, and the mandatory use of a mask in transport extends until March

Joe Biden announces new measures against Covid.
Joe Biden announces new measures against Covid.KEVIN LAMARQUEREUTERS
  • USA Biden’s emergency meeting with his medical advisers to devise a strategy against the micron variant

As planned, President Joe Biden announced on Thursday a new plan to stop the advance of the coronavirus in winter and of the new variant, baptized as micron, of which you have already registeredtwo cases in the United States, one in California and one in Minnesota. Its nine-point strategy includes a program to increase the number of booster doses, speed up vaccination of minors, and implement tighter restrictions for international travelers.

Starting next week, travelers who want to enter the country will have to present a negative test for Covid-19 -PCR or antigens- carried out 24 hours before, a modification with respect to the 72 hours that apply until now. The regulations will apply regardless of the level of vaccination of the traveler.

The mandatory use of masks on airplanes, ships, trains and public transport will last until at least mid-March, with increased fines for those who do not respect the norm. The minimum will be $ 500 and the maximum will be $ 3,000. in the case of repeat offenders.

In addition, the White House will facilitate free tests for coronavirus at home in order to control the increase in cases during the pandemic, all without compromising the progress of the economy, hard hit in the last 20 months. “We are going to fight this variant with science and speed, not with chaos and confusion,” said the president.

The plan is to combine the resources of the 150 million privately insured with the distribution of tests in more than 20,000 points throughout the country, including health centers and rural clinics.

The measures come in full fear of an escalation in the number of cases during the winter and as a result of family gatherings for the Christmas holidays, even before microns began to spread through a score of countries. The current level of cases remains high, around the 80,000 daily with an average death rate of almost 900 per day. Just six months ago, the number of infections did not exceed 12,000 a day.

“Experts say that cases will continue to climb in the coming weeks and through the winter,” Biden said. “We have to be prepared”.

The president also made reference to the politicization of the pandemic that is causing the end of the health crisis to lengthen. The data released today by the Kaiser Foundation confirm their sentiment. According to that study, 85% of supporters of the Democratic Party have the complete vaccination schedule compared to 55% of Republicans.

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