Thursday, December 9

Biden to discuss Covid response after US misses vaccination target – live | US News


Six months after January 6, Republican efforts to deny the attack on the Capitol are working.

It has been described as America’s darkest day since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. But while September 11 is solemnly commemorated in stone, a concerted effort is being made to erase the Capitol uprising from history. from United States.

Six months after the chaos of January 6, when a mob of Donald trump supporters broke into the heart of American democracy to disrupt the confirmation of Joe bidenelectoral victory, Republicans and the right-wing media have tried in various ways to downplay the attack or blame left-wing infiltrators and the FBI.

Interviews with staunch Trump fans suggest that riot denial is working. Many refuse to condemn the insurgents who beat the police, smashed windows and called the then vice president. Mike pence to be hung. The whirlwind of conspiracy theories, combined with Trump’s misleading claims of a stolen election, raises fears of a repeat that could be even more violent.

“The right-wing media and some Republicans, including Republicans in the Senate and House, are trying to make it appear that what was a Capitol siege was not actually a Capitol siege,” he said. Monika McDermott, professor of political science at Fordham University in New York.

“We all saw it. We saw them break down doors. We saw our members of Congress running for cover and trying to escape. We saw Mike Pence come out of the chamber. All of these scary things that we saw happen now are being denied or being laid at the feet of Antifa or the FBI or some other source, which at this point seems ridiculous. “






Biden to Talk About Covid Response After US Failed to Meet July 4 Vaccination Target

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