Sunday, September 24

Biden to present $ 1.75 trillion economic and climate package

(CNN) — US President Joe Biden will hold a closed-door meeting Thursday in which he will present the long-awaited details of his $ 1.75 trillion economic and climate package, according to people familiar with the plans.

Two people familiar with the plan cautioned that not all Democrats have signed on to the framework that Biden will announce this morning.

There is no final agreement, but it is a consensus that Biden believes all Democrats should be able to support.

While the proposal is not fully finalized, the days of negotiations have brought it to a place where the key elements are secure and Biden plans to impress Democrats on the scope and scale of what those elements represent, even on the face of it. to several Democratic priorities that were removed from the bill in recent days.

The agreement that Biden will present

Joe Biden CNN Forum Thursday, October 21

The White House was expected to present the details of the plan later Thursday morning, and even many Democrats remained without knowing much of the exact details of the deal in the hours leading up to its presentation.

Biden and Democratic leaders have made clear they want an agreement on the economic and climate package that would clear the way for the $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill to pass in the House, an action that marks the second of two pieces on Biden’s broad national agenda.

But House progressives have been explicit that they need to see more than a framework agreement to move forward with the infrastructure bill, creating a challenge for any movement unless they move from their position.

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The stakes are huge, and Biden has made it clear privately for more than a week that he wants a deal and approval of the infrastructure bill before he arrives at the UN Climate Conference on Nov. 1.

Biden is leaving on Thursday for his overseas trip, and White House officials delayed his scheduled departure time so he can make his presentation to House Democrats and the public.

Following Biden’s personal address to House Democrats, which White House officials and Democratic leaders have been mulling over for several days, the president will make remarks exposing those details to the public, marking a concerted and concrete effort to snatch. controlling an unwieldy process that has led to significant revisions to Democratic goals in the effort to secure the support of centrist Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

But it also represents a risk if progressive Democrats do not accept what he will present and believe that it is not enough to move forward.

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