Thursday, August 18

Biden Urges Stop “Crisis” of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in the US

According to official data, indigenous women are killed ten times more than the national average.


The American President, Joe Biden, asked his government to create a strategy to stop the “crisis” of indigenous people, many of them women and girls, who have disappeared or been murdered in the United States. in recent years.

During a virtual summit with tribal nations at the White House, Biden signed a decree to, in his words, “address the crisis of violence against Native Americans.”.

The order gives his government 240 days to develop a strategy that “improves public safety” for indigenous people in and around the dozens of reserves in the country. where they face levels of violence so high that they are “unacceptable”, according to the text of the decree.

In 2020, Donald Trump’s last year in the White House, there were 5,295 cases of indigenous women, mostly girls and adolescents, whose disappearance was registered at the National Crime Information Center; and at the end of the year, 578 of them still had not been located.

The figures are also high In the case of indigenous men: in 2020, 4,276 disappeared throughout the country, of which 918 were not located, according to the same source.

In some reservations, Indigenous women are murdered at a rate that is more than 10 times the national average, according to the Justice Department.

The relatives of these victims denounce that the authorities of the country often do not pay enough attention to these cases, contrary to what happens when the disappeared or murdered is a white woman, as happened recently with the young Gabby Petito, whose corpse is discovered in the state of Wyoming.

Biden also highlighted the need for the US Congress to re-approve a law against sexist violence known in English by its acronym, VAWA, which dates from 1994 and was endorsed periodically, until the Conservatives let it expire in 2019.

That law gave tribes the right to prosecute in their jurisdiction “non-indigenous people who commit violence on tribal lands,” Biden recalled.

The president said that, in addition to making that legislation re-enter into force, it is necessary to “expand its jurisdiction to include crimes such as sex trafficking, sexual assault and child abuse.”

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