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Biden Warned Putin On Ukraine In Virtual Meeting; Negotiations continue to avoid armed conflict

Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden.


President Joe Biden would have warned his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, of the “strong” economic and “other” reactions against Russia in the event of an invasion of Ukraine., according to a White House report on the virtual meeting of both leaders.

“President Biden expressed the deep concerns of the United States and our European allies about the escalation of Russian forces surrounding Ukraine,” the White House report states. “(The Democrat) made it clear that the United States and our allies would respond with strong economic and other measures in the event of a military escalation.“.

The meeting of just over two hours began with friendly greetings between the two leaders, according to the first reports, but in private President Biden reiterated his support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“He called for a reduction in tension and a return to diplomacy,” the report said.

To this the Russian president had a positive response.

The two presidents entrusted their teams with monitoring and the United States will do it in close coordination with allies, “he said.

Other issues, such as cyberattacks and Iran, were addressed at the meeting.

“The presidents also discussed the dialogue between the United States and Russia on strategic stability, a separate dialogue on ransomware (cyberattacks), as well as joint work on regional issues, such as Iran,” it was specified.

Diplomatic channels are a priority

In a call with reporters prior to the virtual meeting between the two leaders, a White House official had advanced that President Biden would focus on resuming diplomatic channels to resolve the conflict with Ukraine.

Prior to his meeting with Putin, the US president had meetings with his “key” European allies to underpin the joint message.

“The president will speak today (this Monday) with key European allies to coordinate his message and ensure that he enters into that conversation with President Putin with allied unity and strong transatlantic solidarity on the way forward,” the official said.

He acknowledged that diplomatic efforts would take “days or weeks,” both among European allies and partners, as well as with Russian and Ukrainian officials.

In parallel, Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky With whom President Biden will speak in the coming after his meeting with Putin to prioritize diplomacy.

“Fundamentally, President Biden has been consistent all along in his basic message to the Russian president and the Russian Federation: America does not seek conflict,” the White House official noted.

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