Tuesday, August 3

Biden will be on a CNN forum this Tuesday in Wisconsin

(CNN Business) — “We’re back,” Mark Preston said from Wisconsin Monday night. “The CNN forums are back.”

President Biden will answer questions from Wisconsinites on a CNN forum Tuesday at 9 pm ET, 8 pm local time. It is, as the Journal Sentinel from Milwaukee on this Article advancement, one of Biden’s “first official stops since he took office.”

Viewers are used to televised forums with candidates, but these events with presidents happen much less frequently. The broadcast will give Biden a global forum to set the post-Trump agenda and promote his covid-19 relief proposal.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper will moderate the forum and ask some of his own questions, but previous CNN forums have prioritized audience interaction, and that’s the plan for Tuesday’s event as well. “Expect the audience to dominate the questioning,” Preston, CNN’s vice president of political and special events programming, told me.

The journey may give some people memories of that night in October when both Biden and Donald Trump duels on the ABC and NBC forums. This time, Biden surpassed Trump. This time, Biden will have no competition from Trump at all …

Socially distanced questions and answers

Biden is scheduled to leave the White House Tuesday afternoon for the primetime broadcast. It will take place at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. According to the newspaper Journal Sentinel, this will be the first “big event” in the theater since last March, when the pandemic closed everything.

According to Bill Glauber’s article, “the event will be socially distanced, with the president answering questions from a small invited audience of Democrats, Republicans, and independents …”

>> “We are constantly talking to all the leading politicians about holding events like this, as you have seen in the last two years,” Preston told me …

> Jeff Zeleny is in Milwaukee before the forum, talking to voters about his priorities, and one of his segments is they issued on “Erin Burnett OutFront” Monday night …

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“Biden makes his case”

Biden has spoken to the press relatively frequently since taking office, but has only given a small number of interviews, making this forum a significant step in his first 100 days.

Preston’s political analyst brain came to light when I asked him how he would position himself on Tuesday night. He said, “Joe Biden makes his case to the American people before he presents his case to Congress.”

Newly inaugurated presidents generally address a joint session of Congress towards the end of February, rather than a State of the Union address, and Biden’s speech has yet to be publicly scheduled …

A day in the life of the new president

Five key takeaways from Article from Kevin Liptak on CNN.com about Biden’s routine:

– “The President’s Daily Digest, a highly classified update on the nation’s top intelligence, is again a daily fact after it happened only sporadically under Trump.”

– “His days are more structured than those of Trump, whose aides began to block large chunks of ‘executive time’ to accommodate their phone calls and watching television.”

– Biden has “continued the tradition of reading letters from Americans, some of which are found in the materials he takes home at night.”

– «And he has not been discouraged by the herd of reporters who track his every move. He has shown more willingness than Obama to answer the questions shouted, commenting on the impeachment of his predecessor even when the White House insisting that it was focused on other things.

– «Meetings between staff, which start before 8 am ET every day of the week, are a combination of face-to-face and video conferencing, while the West Wing remains understaffed due to covid-19 precautions ».


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