Tuesday, June 15

Biden’s 100 Days in the White House: The “Most Ambitious” Government Agenda in Modern US History (and the Risks It Poses)

  • Gerardo Lissardy
  • BBC News World, New York

Joe Biden

Image source, Getty Images


Joe Biden has surprised many with his proposals as president.

Something may sound paradoxical in these first 100 days of Joe Biden in the White House: The oldest president to take office is driving a maelstrom of surprising change for this country.

Many expected that this 78-year-old politician, an exponent of the old Democratic guard, would seek to “lower the ball to the ground” as president after the chaotic and divisive term of Donald Trump.

After all, Biden himself took office by calling the country to “unity,” a word he repeated eight times in his January 20 inauguration speech.

But, in the hundred days since then, Biden has made it clear that call was far from implying that his government was lukewarm or timid.


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