Monday, May 17

Biden’s likely election to lead the Pentagon is not a victory for feminism | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion

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The awakening of war

Time to step into the military-industrial complex, ladies! The US Department of Defense is one of three Cabinet agencies – the others are treasury and veterans affairs – that have never been led by a woman; Now, however, it seems that one of the last glass ceilings is about to break. Joe Biden is expected to name Michèle Flournoy as the first female US Secretary of Defense.

There has been a lot of excitement about this historic appointment: “Biden is likely to break barriers, elect a woman to lead the Pentagon,” a Associated Press headline proclaimed. The article notes that Flournoy’s appointment “would be consistent with Biden’s promise to have a diverse cabinet.”

Sorry if I’m not particularly excited about all this diversity. Flournoy, who was a senior defense adviser in the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama administrations, could become the first woman in charge of the Pentagon, but it seems unlikely that she will do anything to improve America’s foreign policy. Flournoy was widely regarded as one of Obama’s most famous. hawk advisors and helped plan the climbing of the disastrous war in Afghanistan. She has called for increased defense spending, arguing in a 2017 Washington Post op-ed that Trump was “right in raising the need for more defense dollars.” She has She complained that Obama did not use military force enough, particularly in Syria. He supported the wars in Iraq and Libya. He has lucrative ties to defense contractors and is a member of the Booz Allen Hamilton board of directors.

Look, I get it, anyone who gets a chance to become secretary of defense is going to be troublesome in some way. It is not the kind of job you usually get if you are against the war or if you are against US imperialism. But that doesn’t mean we should act as if Flournoy’s likely appointment as head of the Pentagon is some kind of victory for feminism. There is nothing remotely feminist about women in rich countries dropping bombs on women in poor countries.

There is also nothing feminist about the way some people are already cynically arming Flournoy’s gender to detract from significant criticism of her policies. According to Mieke Eoyang, senior vice president for national security at a think tank called Third Way, for example, criticizing Flournoy is sexist. “White progressives training their fire on women and women of color who are under consideration to lead the [national security] departments makes me deeply uneasy about their partnership with those communities, ”Eoyang said. tweeted last week. “Especially when the [national security] the community is dominated by white men. “

I have it? If you want to be an ally of women, you have to support them no matter how many bombs they want to drop. This is what a true “alliance” looks like! Three cheers for intersectional imperialism!

I am concerned that we will see a lot of this kind of mindless identity politics in the next four years. I worry that Biden will be applauded for naming women and non-white people in powerful positions, and this “diversity” will help spark harmful policies.

I worry that anything unethical the Biden administration does will be ignored because it is not as bad as the trauma of the Trump years. I worry that we will go back to normal and forget that it is the usual situation that got Trump elected in the first place.

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