Monday, February 6

Biden’s list of actions to combat climate change

The US President Joe Biden has promised to act against climate change Through the adoption of executive measures if he doesn’t Senate, after what Joe Manchin, a key Democratic senator moved his party colleagues who will not support the plans of the president.

“Act in relation to climate change and the clean energy it is more urgent than ever. So I will be clear: if the Senate does not face the climate crisis and strengthens our clean energy industry, I will take strong executive action to rise to the occasion,” the president said in a statement.

Biden said the steps he can take will create jobs, improve energy security, strengthen domestic industry and the domestic supply chain, protect Americans from increases in the price of oil and gas, and combat climate change.

Game of 2,300 million

The president assured that he will allocate a budget item of 2,300 million dollars (close to 2,260 million euros) to deal with climate change and some of its disastrous consequences in the form of an aggravation of the impact of hurricanes and others natural disasters.

Biden also contemplates the expansion of the program of energy assistance for low income households, beyond the current aid to pay for heating in winter, so that they have aid for the installation of air conditioning systems. There will also be conditioned state centers where citizens can go to refresh themselves.

State of emergency

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The plan includes the construction of wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern area, expanding the strategy that is already being developed in the northeastern United States

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Faced with the blockade of Congress, Biden plans to announce new measures to be adopted in his strategy against the climate crisis in the coming weeks. Among these could be the declaration of a state Of National Climate Emergency, as they claim activists and some voices within itself Democratic Party.

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