Friday, December 2

Big Olaf creamery sued by woman’s estate

SARASOTA, Fla. – Big Olaf Creamery is being sued over the death of a woman whose estate alleges she contracted listeria from its ice cream.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court by the estate of Illinois resident Mary Billman claims the Sarasota, Florida, based company caused her death because she ate contaminated ice cream.

Big Olaf has several locations on the Gulf side of Florida, with four locations in Sarasota and additional locations in Venice and Lakewood Ranch. According to the company’s website, nine other ice cream shops in Florida sell Big Olaf ice cream.

The company also delivers ice cream in Florida and to select locations in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio.

CDC:Florida ice cream brand tied to deadly outbreak of listeria infections

According to the lawsuit, Billman allegedly ate contaminated ice cream at Big Olaf’s Pinecraft location in Sarasota on Jan. 18 on a visit to the area.

The estate of Mary Billman, pictured here, is suing Big Olaf Creamery over her death, saying it was linked to allegedly contaminated ice cream.

About a week later, Billman had developed gastrointestinal symptoms and a fever of 103 degrees. Billman was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, where her daughter lives, and began treatment for a septic illness.

Over the next two days, her organs started to shut down, leaving her unconscious, and died Jan. 29, leaving behind her husband Richard, three daughters, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, the lawsuit states.

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