Thursday, September 23

Bildu leader Maddalen Iriarte reveals that she was abused at the age of seven

The leader of EH Bildu Maddalen Iriarte.

The leader of EH Bildu Maddalen Iriarte.

The leader of EH Bildu Maddalen Iriarte has revealed this Friday that he was a victim of sexual abuse in a summer colony, “no matter where”, fifty years ago, when she was only seven.

Iriarte has made these facts known in an article published in El Diario Vasco, entitled “I’m not shutting up anymore!”, On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which, according to what it reveals, it has served him “to a certain extent” to “exorcise himself”, because he has had to tell his children before “who did not know”.

“I do,” she adds, “because every time I say that right here, in Euskal Herria, one in four women suffer or will suffer violence, violence, humiliation, rape, throughout our lives; that is, every time I say that We suffer in a structural way sexist violence, let’s not think what happens to others, in other places. ”

Iriarte, who clarifies that, when remembering what happened, his hands are still shaking, explains that even today she fears “with dread” waking up from a dream and “being that seven-year-old girl, glued to a” wall “that she” couldn’t get through “and that” she wanted to talk to her mother on the phone because she wasn’t happy about it. those colonies and faced that horror. ”

“Today, after all this time, I think it is a dream that my mother and father came to look for me, that we left there. I see myself looking from the rear window of an 850 blue stewardess, seeing how more and more remained far away that place, although I had it tattooed inside me. And for this tattoo there is no laser! This one cannot be eliminated “, recalls Iriarte.

“I kept what happened a secret for many years. I also get almost crazy remembering when, at the same time, I told my mother. What pain, what anger, what helplessness … We knew that he had died,” recalls the national leader , who clarifies that “for all this” every day she puts herself “in the place of each one of the women who suffer one type or another of violence.”

“And if I tell it today – he adds – it is because Every year when November 19, November 25 or March 8 arrives, we mobilize, we bond and this is all very well. ”

“It makes it possible to make visible the very harsh situations that women experience every day, but it is useless if we do not effectively implement public policies that transform the root conditions for physical, verbal, economic and symbolic violence so that all violence that we suffer disappear. In this feminism has always been working, “he concludes.

Iriarte is the second Basque politician to denounce in recent days having been a victim of sexual abuse During his childhood, after last Monday the High Commissioner against Child Poverty, the socialist Ernesto Gasco, revealed that he suffered sexual abuse in the first year of EGB, in the religious school where he studied in San Sebastián.

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