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Bill Cosby wants to return to the stage after leaving prison


The 83-year-old comic wants to perform in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and also intends to lead a campaign for “justice reform” and the “prison system” based on his own experiences.

Bill Cosby after being released.
Bill Cosby after being released.BASTIAAN SLABBERSEFE
  • Courts Bill Cosby is released from prison after his conviction for sexual abuse is overturned
  • Judgment Bill Cosby, guilty of sexual assault

Comedian Bill Cosby intends to return to the stage after his release from prison, ruled on the basis of a 2005 civil agreement that invalidates the trial in which he was convicted of sexual abuse.

“In his physical appearance he is exuberant. In his mental state he is exuberant. In his feelings and humor, he is exuberant”, assured the artistic representative of Cosby., Andrew Wyatt, daily Los ngeles Times.

According to Wyatt, the comic from 83 to he wants to act in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and also intends to spearhead a campaign for “justice reform” and the “prison system” based on his own experiences.

In 2018 Cosby was sentenced to prison after a Pennsylvania judge found him guilty of a crime of sexual abuse against the Canadian. Andrea Constand. He became the first celebrity incarcerated in the “MeToo” era.

Last week, the Supreme Court of the state of Pennsylvania (USA) I annulled that conviction by a prior civil agreement which invalidates the trial and for which Cosby, who acknowledged the facts, compensated the victim.

Beyond his return to the stage, the comedian tries to make the most of the media attention his case has received with a book, written by Frederick Williams, in which he narrates his time in prison, as well as the strategies used by his lawyers.

Furthermore, according to the Times, the filmmaker Michelle Major prepare a five-episode documentary on the life of the comedian.

Cosby’s reputation is badly damaged as has never been found innocent and his release from prison is based on a legal technicality about the pact that comic had struck with a Montgomery district attorney in 2005 to overturn the conviction.

The actor was sentenced in 2018 to a maximum of ten years in prison, of which he must serve at least three, for having sexually assaulted Constand, one of the more than sixty women who have denounced the actor.

The victim was then the basketball coach for the Temple University girls’ team, where Cosby studied and of which he was a major donor.

But in last week’s ruling, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court argued that Cosby did not get a fair trial and should not have been arrested in 2015, when the new district attorney for the Montgomery (Pennsylvania) district, Kevin Steele, discovered new evidence confirming that the actor had abused Constand.

Specifically, what Steele uncovered was a previously secret testimony from Cosby, in which He recognized that he gave women sedatives before abusing them.

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