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Bill Murray will tell stories of his eccentric life through a collection of NFTs

There are few actors as beloved, quirky and friendly left in Hollywood as Bill Murray. But little is known about his life, and it is difficult to differentiate between reality and legend.

At 71 years old, Bill Murray Today he is an actor loved and respected by all. He rose to world fame in 1984 with the mythical Ghostbusters, and since then several generations have grown up with his comical films in the style of The Nutty Squad.

But Murray has also triumphed in other films, such as the classic Trapped in Time, or Lost in Translation, which earned him an Oscar nomination. Precisely, yesterday was the slap in the face… the Hollywood Academy Awards ceremony, and here we collect all the winners.

Outside of his movies, the actor is known for his eccentricities, jokes and anecdotes, to the point that many of them do not know if they are reality or legend. Now Bill Murray will reveal everything through a collection of autobiographical NFTs.

As I am sure you already know, because NFTs are everywhere in recent months, it is a new technology that makes digital files unique that until now could be copied without problems, obtaining copies identical to the original.

The NFT technology associates a photo, a video, a document, or any other digital file to a kind of “certificate of authenticity” which is inserted into a blockchain of a cryptocurrency. Since this blockchain cannot be hacked, that NFT file becomes unique. Although copies are made, only the original has value, certified by its NFT status.

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There is a madness around this, so everyone signs up, because who doesn’t want to earn thousands of euros for a simple photo or a computer text…

NFT fever is at an all time high, and we don’t know how far it will go. So better seize the moment by creating and selling your own NFTs.

The last one was the actor Bill Murray. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it has teamed up with the photo and streaming platform The ChivesTo trow an autobiographical collection of NFTs called the Official Bill Murray NFT 1000.

Murray has always been enigmatic with his personal life, and with the things that are said about him. When asked about them, he usually says: “I like them just as they are told, in some I even appear for real…“.

These NFTs are not intended to be a biography, or a photo album of his career. will be selected anecdotes and curiosities that Bill Murray himself, which will confirm that they are true. Some famous, some unknown.

Vivid Money offers a free bank account with a virtual card and investments in fractions of cryptocurrencies and shares.

Each NFT will consist of a related photo or drawing and a text written by Bill Murray, revealing or confirming the anecdote. They will be sold one by one by auction. As his name reveals, Official Bill Murray NFT 1000the collection will consist of 1,000 NFTs.

The Chive reveals some of the first to come out. Bill Murray is still using a Blackberry phone with a physical keyboard, because he really likes to send messages. But the mobile is so old that the M key doesn’t work. So all the messages he sends, they don’t have the letter M.

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We’ll see if he also includes his anecdote with the Torreznos de Soria…

Proceeds from the first NFT will go to charity. It will be one of the first collections to be released in the new NFT market that Coinbase will launch in the coming weeks.

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