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Bill Nighy to Narrate Terry Pratchett’s Footnotes on New Discworld Recordings | Terry pratchett

Bill Nighy might be one of the UK’s most beloved actors, known for roles from Billy Mack on Love Actually to Davy Jones on Pirates of the Caribbean. But he will be relegated to marginalia in his next endeavor after signing up to read the footnotes in a new adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

Nighy will be part of a star-studded re-recording of Penguin Random House’s 40 Discworld audiobooks, which will see storytellers read nearly four million words in total, over nearly 150 days in the studio, resulting in more than 400 hours. finished audio. Indira Varma, of Game of Thrones fame, will narrate Pratchett’s books about his witch trio, Fleabag’s Sian Clifford will narrate the titles in which Death plays a leading role, and Andy Serkis will narrate Small Gods, with more casting to be announced. .

Terry pratchett
Terry Pratchett. Photograph: Ian Nicholson / AFP / Getty Images

Nighy, meanwhile, will appear in all titles where there are footnotes; Pratchett was a fan of a good touchdown. “Ankh-Morpork had entertained itself with many forms of government and had finished with that form of democracy known as One man, one vote. The Patrick was the Man; had the vote, “a footnote from Mort’s” Patrick’s accession, “is such a classic, as is” Nanny Ogg knew how to start spelling ‘banana,’ but didn’t know how it stopped. ” , footnote “I have drawn a picture of a dakry banananana” in Witches Abroad.

Nighy said he was honored to “bring to life one of the funniest, wackiest and most beloved aspects of the world of Terry Pratchett … It’s his personal comments on the action, little bits of information or funny bits,” he said. “They are very much like the voice of the great man when commenting on the action. I have enjoyed it immensely. “

Peter Serafinowicz will play the role of Death. The hollow-voiced personification of death appears throughout the comic fantasy series, with his voice portrayed by Pratchett in capital letters, without quotation marks. “WELL, said Death in a voice with all the warmth and color of an iceberg … WHY DID YOU SUMMON ME?” Pratchett writes in 1983’s The Color of Magic, which first introduced readers to his disc-shaped world, transported through space on the back of four elephants standing atop the star tortoise Great A’Tuin.

“Returning to the world of Terry Pratchett after many years has been a pleasure,” said Serafinowicz. “I loved his absurd and subversive humor as a teenager and reading the part of Death, which appears in almost every Discworld book, has given me a renewed appreciation of his comic genius.”

Richard Lennon, PRH audio producer, said that while all of Discworld’s novels had been adapted as audiobooks before, “a lot of them came out when the books were originally published, and we decided it was time for something that felt a little more contemporary. “. . The audiobooks are being produced and directed by Ladbroke Audio’s Neil Gardner, who said he had bought Pratchett’s books “every year without fail” since 1987, describing it as “immense pressure to do justice to Terry and the fans.” The themed melodies for the novels have been composed by Bafta-winning composer James Hannigan.

Exclusive excerpt from the new audiobook version of Hogfather by Terry Pratchett - audio
Exclusive excerpt from the new audiobook version of Hogfather by Terry Pratchett – audio

The plans were unveiled in the week marking the 50th anniversary of the publication of Pratchett’s debut novel, The Carpet People. “We couldn’t be more delighted to have such a fitting tribute to Terry,” said Rob Wilkins, who manages the Terry Pratchett estate. “When the first finished audio files arrived at the Chapel, Terry’s writing room and the center of the Pratchett universe, I listened at full volume until the stone walls vibrated and I was very happy with the results … Every voice does justice to the wit, warmth and unique genius of Terry’s storytelling. “

The new recordings will be released over the next two years, with Clifford’s Hogfather reading in December, followed by Witches titles, including Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, and the Tiffany Aching series, in April 2022. Narrator Varma said he will. loved how the characters of the three witches, Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick, have an “unconventional magic style [which] he gently pokes fun at tradition … Terry Pratchett has a genius for using humor to make us think, which really draws me in, “he said.

Pratchett died in 2015, at the age of 66. His death was announced on his Twitter account with Death’s voice: “AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER.” Pratchett revealed his early-onset Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis in 2007, describing it as “an ambush.” He sold more than 75 million copies of his novels around the world, in a series that started out as an affectionate satirism of the fantasy genre but, as he told The Guardian in 2011, “as things progressed, both with books to For adults as well as for young people, I found that in subtle ways, without being a preacher, you could suggest quite interesting things ”.


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