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Bills to be introduced next week to protect ‘deliveristas’ in New York City

Bills to protect delivery men will reach the City Council next week

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Since last year, and suffering first-hand the attacks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the food delivery men of New York began to organize to demand that the City protect and protect the labor rights of more than 80,000 deliveries that make their living on two wheels, and provide them with security.

And after the massive march on wednesday past, in which some 2,000 delivery men took to the streets of Manhattan to demand better conditions and justice, after the death of worker Francisco Villalva, next week they will begin to see the fruits of their struggle. Their claims will begin to be defended within the Municipal Council.

Three bills, led by councilors Carlina Rivera, Carlos Menchaca and Justin Brannan, who seek that the legislative body of the Big Apple grant protections and benefits to those who perform as essential workers in the delivery industry in the Big Apple, they will be formally introduced into the City Council in the hope that they will soon become law.

The bills would protect the basic rights of the distributors, mostly immigrants, on issues such as the use of restaurant restrooms, that many times they are denied, getting a living wage, forcing applications and restaurants to pay for the work of the delivery people, and Do not assume that tips are a salary, and to have security on the streets.

It also seeks create insurance against theft of bicycles and electric motorcycles, how much it has hit that guild.

Bills to protect delivery men will reach the City Council next week

Gustavo Ajche, leader of the Movement The United Deliveristas, confirmed that on Tuesday the first bill will be introduced in the Municipal Council, and although he was optimistic with the move of the politicians who have shown their support for the union, he asked that they really defend their rights and not use them as horses. electoral battle.

“This is undoubtedly a great achievement that will motivate more people to join the struggle movement, but we have to keep putting pressure on politicians so that they pass those laws as soon as possible, ”said the leader of the Labor Justice Project. “We are achieving things little by little and we will continue in the fight as it is, because we are all terrain, but We demand that the City Council move with these laws and not use us“.

The Councilor Carlos Menchaca’s office assured that the wage defense project, which aims to
app distribution companies pay couriers for their time and do not discriminate against them by charging them fees to receive their wages if they do not have access to a bank account, it will be introduced perhaps on Thursday.

“The delivery men kept us fed and alive during the pandemic. Now they are rightly demanding to be treated with dignity like any other worker.. In truth, they deserve more because of how essential and vital their work has been, ”commented the president of the Council’s Immigration Committee. “That is why I will introduce a bill next week to ensure that application companies pay them on time, no fees or requirements to have a bank account. It’s time to back up our praise of their essential work with actions. “

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