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Binder madness when running in water with dry wheels and winning in Austria

  • The South African KTM rider, who did not want to change his dry tires for the bike with rain tires, acted as a tightrope walker on the wet track and won alone

  • Bagnaia, Márquez, who had an extraordinary race, Quartararo were victims of time while Martin repeated the podium on the Austrian circuit before, at last, 83,000 spectators

In a race where, continually, the sky threatened rain and, not only that, but there were times when the race direction showed the white flag warning “drops are falling, you can change the motorcycle for the water one” and only at the end there was a little deluge that changed everything, the South African Brad Binder (KTM), who was brave enough to stay, in the last five laps, with his dry tires on the track and not change bikes, he managed to win the Austrian Grand Prix, second appointment at Spielberg’s Red Bull Ring, finally packed with more than 83,000 fans (without a mask), in a grand prize where no one escaped and where all the favorites had their moment of glory, including Marc Márquez (Sling).

Spectacular start

The test began with a spectacular start by Jorge Martín (Ducati), the poleman and winner of seven days ago on the same stage and, again, leader of the MotoGP grid today, on the beautiful Austrian track, and immediately formed a queue, all of them very close together, made up of himself, the World Championship leader Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha), who does not like water or the threat of drops on the dome of his motorcycle and the visor of his helmet, like It happened today, Martín, Johann Zarco (Ducati) and, of course, the Italian ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia (Ducati), who has been looking for a victory all year.

After a few laps, after the grand prix equator, without great exhibitions but with enormous showiness in all its movements, MM93, who was the only one who has mounted the rear soft tire, moved away from the rebel Martín and the ‘Diablo’, who In the first laps, with the threat of rain, he suffered for fear of falling, he ended up recovering, leading, to the future champion and he put himself with authority behind Bagnaia, who did not seem to suffer to lead the race.

And in the same way that Sergio García Dols (GasGas, Moto3) and Raúl Fernández (Kalex, Moto2) have taken a good bite today at the leaders of their categories, Pedro Acosta (KTM) and Remy Gardner (Kalex), Quartararo has opened a large gap with respect to his pursuers, despite finishing in seventh position.

Exciting ending

Less than seven laps from the end, the fight for the leadership of the event has been tremendous and Márquez, tremendously aggressive, the old Marc of the prodigious decade, has not stopped harassing Bagnaia and even showing him the dome of his motorcycle on more than one occasion, just as it started to rain.

And that’s when it really started to rain. And it was then that all the favorites, Bagnaia, Quartararo, Márquez, entered to change their dry bike for the water one and it was when the South African Binder remained on his feet, firm, fighting the rain with dry tires and won the race at the same time. great, to the tightrope, while the others either suffered falls like MM93 (already with water tires) or had to surrender like Iker Lecuona, Valentino Rossi, who was about to achieve his first podium, and even Aleix Espargaró, who he was about to give Aprilia his first podium, but he couldn’t handle the water on dry tires.

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Binder won, followed by Bagnaia and Martín, while the others lamented their bad luck, their little daring to stay on the track with smooth tires and their admiration for the South African KTM rider who, in effect, without being in the race for the world title MotoGP could play it without problems, although, on the last lap, he suffered a lot on the bike.

MotoGP World Championship: 1. Fabio QUARTARARO (France), 181 points, 2. Francesco BAGNAIA (Italy), 134; 3. Joan MIR (Spain), 134; 4. Johann ZARCO (France), 132 and 5. Jack MILLER (Australia), 105.

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