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Bitcoin: Chivo Wallet turns Salvadorans into millionaires, by mistake

Chivo wallet users detected millions of dollars in their accounts, more than getting excited, they are worried about the problems that this application error may represent.


El Salvador continues to pay with headaches for its change to bitcoin, as the Chivo virtual wallet, which is an application created by the government to make payments in dollars or in Bitcoin, presented a failure in the operating system that turned many of its users into millionaires overnight, by mistake, published El

This Tuesday a large number of users of the application published on social networks that they detected that they had large amounts of money attached to your accounts that appeared out of nowhere.

“La Chivo is nuts. Now it turns out that I am a millionaire. From $ 68 to more than $ 3 million “Gabriela H. wrote on Facebook.

“Billionaire in one night”wrote another user, surprised by the amounts that appeared in the application.

In their accounts, the balance in dollars appeared with millionaire accounts, but the amount in Bitcoins showed negative numbers.

Those affected resorted to the official Chivo Wallet account, but the page did not show what could be the problem and what users should do to report bugs.

A day earlier, on Monday afternoon, Chivo announced that it momentarily disabled the option to see the price of Bitcoin frozen for one minute because it lent itself to fraud. “Unfortunately, many of our users used it to do” scalping “, which is a type of fraud in trading”, wrote.

The application has been presenting problems to users since Sunday, because the tool was in maintenance for at least two hours, prompting constant complaints from people who couldn’t use it.

After the failures and seeing millions of dollars in their accounts, Chivo users, beyond feeling excited, were worried about getting into trouble. There was no shortage of those who took things with humor and took the opportunity to publish their meme.

The application has been heavily criticized by computer technicians, economists and lawyers for the constant flaws it presents. One of the most serious was the identity theft of hundreds of Salvadorans, who downloaded the application on their cell phones using their Unique Identity Document, without their authorization.

According to the publication, up to now there have been around 700 complaints for identity theft and others have been added to this. technical failures that have left many Salvadorans without their money.

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