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Bitcoin, cybermoneda: The new words included in the Dictionary of the Spanish language in 2021

As every year, the Dictionary of the Spanish language has new words.

Specifically, in this new edition there are 3,836 modifications, which include new terms, amendments and meanings.

The words go through a process until they are accepted since “there is no need to rush”, as explained this Thursday by the director of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), Santiago Muñoz Machado.

The proposals, which can come from any user or academic, “are allowed to sleep at the door until they stabilize” because “sometimes words become fashionable and disappear as soon as they appear on the language market,” he added.

In 2021, the list of new words is varied but some sectors where incorporations predominate stand out.


Bitcoin, bot, cyberbullying, cybercrime, cryptocurrency, geolocating the webinar are some of the examples of words related to the digitization and modernization of companies, highlights the RAE in its statement.

A woman is holding a phone apparently listening to an audio message.

And with the internet and social networks, new meanings are also included for existing words such as audio, for the audio message that is sent digitally; to share, to refer to making a file, link or other digital content available to a user; or the verbs cut and paste, to which the colloquial form is also added cutter.


Food and the ingredients to prepare it is another of the groups of words that enter the Dictionary of the Spanish language in 2021.

Dishes such as sanjacobo, typical of Spain and prepared with two slices of cooked ham or two thin fillets between which cheese is placed and then battered and fried.

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Quinoa is a word of Quechua origin: kinúwa or kínua. (Photo: GETTY IMAGES)

The cachopo, typical of Asturian gastronomy; the quinoa and the rawness, plate composed of legumes and vegetables that are eaten raw.

The Dictionary also includes Americanism search, a stew made mainly from tripe that is eaten in Argentina and Uruguay.


For the second consecutive year, the Dictionary of the Spanish language continues to include words related to Covid-19 almost 2 years after the pandemic was declared.

In the 2021 update, mask, swab or nasobuco, as well as new meanings for terms such as screening, or the complex forms social bubble Y new normal.

A boy with a subremouth with little faces.
The word mask was incorporated as a synonym for mask. (Photo: GETTY IMAGES)

New words related to the world of healthcare have also been updated, such as vaccinology.

Varieties of Spanish

Almost 600 million people speak Spanish in the world. So it is not surprising that an object receives different names depending on the place.

Thus, the meaning of headset as a synonym for auricular, which is mainly used in Latin America. Also appear emergeniologist and urgency, to refer to the specialist in hospital emergency care.

The Dictionary also adds kicker, which is a football boot in Chile; suddenness, which is the art of improvising verses; sambar, which means to dance samba.

Four people walk embracing.
Polycamor is already in the Dictionary of the Spanish language. (Photo: GETTY IMAGES)

And the complex shape valer madre or valemaddrismo for something of little importance.

Last but not least, the Dictionary of the Spanish language adds some terms related to sexuality and gender, such as polyamorous, transgender, cisgender, or pansexual.

You can see a sample of the new features of the dictionary here.

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